18 comments on “Meeting the Gang Gang Gang – One Foggy Winter’s Day

  1. What beautiful birds and I’m glad your 2-hour drive was fruitful! I loved the video of the white-cheeked honeyeater, his song is beautiful, and yes, amazing how it involves his whole body. The waterfalls were such a hopeful sight as you were in the midst of fires and drought so recently…a beautiful picture of God’s faithfulness and restoration. God bless!

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    • Thanks so much Jen, yes it is amazing how much of a change rain makes to the landscape. We noticed how green it was inland yesterday when we were away inland for the weekend. We even passed through light snow which we seldom see. It is lovely to see how passionate the birds are when they sing, they really do throw their whole heart and soul into it. I always view it as worship and thanksgiving in its purest form. Enjoy your week my friend 🙂

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  2. Wonderful photos of the gang gang Ashley, they really do sound like a squeaky gate! I liked your story of the man and the smile as well, it is true that a smile for a stranger can make more difference than you could ever know. We should all be doing more of it!

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    • Thanks Sue, yes it is amazing what a little random kindness to a stranger can do, and what an impact it can make. I have found this to be true throughout my life, especially with the checkout chick or guy, how the right perceptive comment can send them on a career path they never thought they had it in them to pursue, they just needed the right word of encouragement. We can make a positive difference in people’s lives if we consciously seek to do so. Enjoy your week, and your wonderful explorations of Tassie. It just makes me want to come there again soon. 🙂

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  3. How the Lord opens His creation up to you! Thank you so much brother for adding ‘amazing’ to my day, viewing God’s exquisite birds. And thank you for sharing the narratives – what a wonderful story of the ‘big smile’. So needed today! 🙂

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  4. What a thrill to return and find so many Gang Gangs, I loved all your photos, Ashley! The blue sky background enhanced their beautiful coloring. A fine day with the added sightings and shots. Even a Brush Turkey to keep you company on your coffee break! 😊

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    • Thanks Donna, yes I was so delighted to find the flock and spend time with them. Though it was a challenge in the early morning to get good photos as the sun was right behind most of them. The Brush Turkey can become a pest to suburb dwellers as they dig up gardens and build their huge mounds in places of public access. They are unusual in that from the day they hatch, they receive no instruction and just walk off to fend for themselves.

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