14 comments on “The Great River Walk – What Winter Birds Are There ?

  1. I am so happy your camera is fully recovered from surgery and hospitalization 🙂
    Thank you for allowing us to join you and your wife on this birding outing – it’s a real pleasure. And the Fairy Wrens both male and female are beautiful, as are the other birds. Hope you have a safe and blessed weekend!

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    • Thanks Takami, it was good to be able to get closer to birds again with my lens, though these birds were mostly quite elusive, and often in the dark canopy of trees. It is great when they get out into the light so we can get true detail and colour. One of the problems with a long lens is loss of light, as you would be aware, so I am often having to touch up because our evergreen eucalypts are quite dark green and dense canopies. The Fairy-wrens are one of our counties favorites, and there are several different varieties found at different areas over our vast continent. Enjoy your weekend my friend 🙂

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  2. I love the little yellow thornbill, so cute. I bet you’re glad to have your camera back in your hands once more Ashley, and ready for more birding adventures!

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    • Thanks Sue, we both love the Yellow Thornbills, they are such a treat to see and hear, as they move rapidly over a tree. They stand out much better than it’s Brown cousin. They are always a challenge to get in focus manually or in auto as they constantly move and are so small. Enjoy the long weekend. Everyone here is out and about again as if nothing ever happened.

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    • Thanks Donna, yes it was so good to get closer to my birds again, though it it is becoming more of a challenge with my eyesight these days, though praise God he keeps my bad eye from getting much worse. Enjoy your weekend my friend:-)

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  3. The Fairy Wren and Red-browed Finch look like imaginary creatures… perhaps straight out of Narnia. Quite beautiful and striking! William — “What a wildly wonderful world, God! You made it all, with Wisdom at Your side, made earth overflow with your wonderful creations.” Psalms 104 The Message

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    • Thanks William, great you love our beautiful little Aussie birds, they are always a beautiful find and the sounds of them in the tall grass or reeds always creates some excitement as we look for them. They can present a challenge photographing them as they constantly move. Yes Psalm 104 is a wonderful appreciation of our remarkable Creator Father God, and the world does overflow with life which glorifies him by just existing as the work of his intelligent design, glorifying him by just being what it is, as we do when we live as his loving people.

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      • That scripture has basically become my “theme scripture” since I came across it in The Message paraphrase. I like to use it as a signature and a header on my blogs. It gets a lot of positive comments from creation minded people. Thanks! William

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    • Thanks Sandra, the Fairy-wrens are always a delight, and an Aussie favorite. Such tiny active little bird. It is always a delight to see the males go through the eclipse changes of plumage several times a year, and see the mottled look as they change from breeding to non-breeding plumage.


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