14 comments on “When the Lyrebird Goes Quiet – A Walk in the Rainforest: Part 2

  1. Hi Ashley, I really loved the video of the darter, it certainly does look like a form of bird ballet! I was able to go out for a bushwalk yesterday at Notley Gorge, it was so good to be able to go out and do that again after all this time. It is definitely a way to relax and destress from the busy working week.

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    • Thanks Sue, It is great you are able to get out and about again Sue, yesit is such blessing that we can escape to these stress relieving places when we can. Australia has so many parks and reserves, it is great that thought was put into setting these areas aside. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  2. I very much enjoyed tagging along on your walk, Ashley! i felt like I was back in Florida’s Everglades in the tropical strands, heavily canopied with trees. Ahhhhhh…..I agree, these walks are very, very relaxing and stress-free! As always, I enjoyed your photos and videos, especially the female Superb Lyrebird ‘shopping’ her sticks, picking just the right ones. She’s particular like me and my shopping! 😉 Birds do teach us so much, what an awesome gift they are, as your book shares so well. Take care, enjoy your weekend! It’s a big one for me, we’ve quarantined since returning home; and we’re ready to visit family, especially can’t wait to see the grandboys. It’s going to be hard to keep a distance and not just grab and hug them tight, but I am very excited to see them. Video-chatting has been a blessing but just isn’t the same…..

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    • Thanks Donna, I pray you have a lovely weekend time reuniting with your grandies, it has been hard for grandparents especially throughout this time. I have not seen mine in over 6 months now. We are so thankful we can escape to the rainforest and loose ourselves there, I talk to God in his green cathedral there and find his peace when I get stressed. Tracking history states your books have arrived in New York and are awaiting clearance. I am preparing book promo videos with the help of my eldest son (the TV editor and producer), I have been arranging my actual book launch with a school principal in the coming month, she is very excited as we had such a great response by parents and children to the first book when I came there to give my presentation. Keeping your family in prayer dear sister, Shalom, enjoy your weekend 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Lisa Beth, I do not know why it did not allow you to comment, I checked it out and don’t know why, sorry for that, and thanks again for your encouraging comment dear sister 🙂

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  3. Hello Ashley,
    Thank you for allowing us to join along a part of the walk via “virtual tour.” Your thoughtful and thought-provoking writing help us to appreciate more of the beauty around us – even during the most challenging times. Wishing you and your wife continued guidance, blessings and good health.

    PS, the “Enjoy the Birds” greeting cards are wonderful.

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    • Thanks Takami, it was great having you along on our walk, we always enjoy walking with other birders like yourself. Blessings for a good weekend, and praying you get direction on your journey.

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  4. Wow, what beauty and calm to start my day here. Thank you for taking us along your rain forest walk! And that ‘ballet’ was better than Lincoln Center. You inspired my own bird watching, a somewhat comical endeavor. Up at the Cloisters this week with my binoculars, I leaned backward so far to see a woodpecker and nearly landed flat on my back!
    Press on brother! Getting my coffee now and visiting those ‘Sanctuary Pages’.
    Thanks again!

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    • Thanks so much LIsa Beth, I had a little chuckle with your bird watching incident, and it reminds me of several similar ones, one where I looked down and a deadly brown snake was under my foot and I dived and camera and me ended up on the ground next the snake, the other I was trying to photo a rare bird and fell down a small embankment on some rocks, injured slightly but camera survived that also. Bird watching can be dangerous as well as healthy, but we somehow survive under grace to tell the story 🙂


  5. What top collection of the Lyrebird at work. Must be great to see them, I’ve only ever had glimpses when I was a younger bushwalker.
    The White-throated Treecreeper are a real treat. Their shrill call really carries in the scrub.

    Interesting about the trees and the cambium layer. We’ve just come back, today, from a River Red-gum area, and with the good rains recently the trees have begun to re-leaf branches that looked long dead, so there is a way that the trees have of closing and opening the sap lines depending on the seasons. How it works is beyond me.
    Reminds me of a certain priest’s staff that blossomed like an Almond.
    For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Job 14

    Good luck with the changes in your work life, I am sure that each small step forward will give you a chance to catch your breath, and look to the opportunities that new doors open up.

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    • Thanks David, glad you enjoyed the Lyrebirds, I was wondering if they are found as far south as you, I first saw them at Sherbrooke Forest when my uncle took me there when I was a teenager and saw them performing, but the domestic cats decimated them to a few pair, and I think the population has come back again. Amazing how trees recover from drought and fire. We noticed many dead saplings today from the drought and larger gums also in a dry woodland area where we find the Red-capped Robin, which has not returned since the smoky days of last year. Yes Aaron’s staff was amazing also. When I cut my Kiwifruit orchard to the ground many years ago, when the price dropped too far, they kept trying to come up each year for some time.That verse in Job is full of hope for us, thanks so much for sharing it is what I need at the moment. Yes, de stressing from not-work and learning to accept and not distress. My book sales may pic up soon and invitations to give talks again. I am concerned how so many here are treating the new relaxing of restrictions as if the virus has gone, as many are not distancing as the Premier warned. May be too much too early hoping we don’t get a second wave. Hoping things improve for you and your wife, and you can enjoy the great outdoors again soon.


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