19 comments on “Lock-down Bird Book Launch – What Birds Teach Us

  1. I always enjoy seeing your Rainbow Lorikeets, Ashley, so wish we had them in the U.S.! I also very much enjoyed seeing your other photos and the videos of the birds bathing. I love watching a bird bathe, they look like they enjoy it so much, which in turn makes me smile! Today I watched a Willet bathe. You got a giggle out of me with the young Magpie reading your book on Magpies. 😉

    I ordered three of your books, can’t wait to give them to my grandboys! 😊

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    • Thanks so much Donna, yes the Rainbows are always a great buzz especially their excited chatter and squeals, it always gives a joyous feeling. Watching birds bath and drink and preen has been an enjoyable aside for us while we were renovating the back sun room and study last week. We are thankful we were able to use the stay-cation wisely. Thank you for purchasing my book. I will post them off today. I will find out how the mail to the US is going at present, as it changes due to the virus. I sent a book to New York a couple of weeks ago and it went. I would love you to do a review when you finally get to read it. I will autograph them for you as you requested. Praying safety for you and family. Blessings 🙂


  2. A post full of great information, thanks Ashley. Also, I do miss the colourful rainbow lorikeets down here in Tassie, so it was nice to see some pics of them. Perhaps the lone lorikeet was practising social distancing! 😁

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    • Thanks Sue, yes you would miss the little Lorris down there. We had a small flock I videoed this morning feeding from flowers in the front garden. I wondered why there were so many fallen flowers and now I know why. I love their excited chatter. I got a chuckle from your comment on the lone Lorri at the bird bath. Hope you are keeping well. We used the time to renovate the back veranda are. The winter in closing in tonight , it must be cold down there now. 🙂

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  3. Hello Ashley,
    Congratulations of the launch of the 2nd edition of your wonderful book! I am a proud owner of a signed copy of the first edition, and will certainly look into getting another copy very soon 🙂

    Best wishes from Japan,

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    • Thanks Takami, for sharing your appreciation of my book , I am very delighted you enjoy it. I enjoy studying our birds and their behaviour and using this to help people make good life choices. Hope you are keeping well over there, and thanks so much for being a faithful follower of my blog, I appreciate your encouraging support. 🙂

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      • Hello again Ashley,
        Thank you for your kind reply the other day.
        I plan on placing an order this week and wanted to see if it is still possible to ship the book to Japan given the current situation? (I completely understand and expect there may certainly be delays)

        Like the last time, it would be very lovely if it could be “autographed” so I assume I should make note of this in the comments section when placing my order?

        In the meantime, we wish your wife a very happy mother’s day 🙂

        Best wishes,

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      • Thanks so much Takami, it is always a delight hear from you, and so glad you would like to purchase my book. I will investigate concerning postage to Japan and let you know. I think it all depends on flights to Japan. I am currently waiting for flights to the USA to send books to another purchaser. I would be happy to autograph the book. You can include any wording you would like me to include in the signing also if you wish. Thanks also for the mothers day greeting, my wife had a lovely day, and she just enjoyed an amazing dinner cooked by her daughter. Hope you had a good day also.:-)


      • Greetings again Takami,
        It appears from investigations that Australia is one of the countries excluded from Japan’s suspension of receiving mail at the present, so it should be alright to send to you. It may take longer because there may be less flights, if any at present from Australia so it might be better to wait a little longer. What ever choice you make it should still reach you as it will have tracking so we can keep tabs on where it is.
        Enjoy your day!

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      • Hello Ashley,
        I am very happy to inform that I’ve placed my book order! (I could not include a request to have my copy signed during the PayPal transaction, so I have sent an email to the address featured on your book page)

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  4. Thanks for the tips Ashley,
    The joy of experiencing birds at bath in the backyard often brings a few moments of real humour as well.
    It all goes to show that even when we think we’ve got them worked out, they have a new scheme of their own.
    Rainbow Loris much go to a special school to learn all their antics.

    May all be well with you and your family, and best wishes for the success of your new book.

    It certainly is a much different world now than it was back in Feburary.

    All good

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    • Thanks David, yes we often have humorous moments at the baths, especially with the Miners. Their noisy rant, is quickly broken when the alpha male Maggie enters the stage and goes to HIS large bath, both Maggies stop the Miners from using the baths while they are present, but one cheeky Miner who has almost allowed me to touch him, will try to evade the Maggies and get quick dips behind their backs. The funniest thing is to see a bird overshoot the birdbath. We have about 6 regular species of which we are learning to know them individually. The Miner coalition is more difficult as it changes but the lead Miner is very bold and has become quite accustomed to me being around and will often check me out and come up close. We are thankful that this time of lock-down has been an opportunity to renovate the back veranda and study, as we are almost finished and my wife will go back to work into the firing line after next week. My camera parts are in finally after 3 months, will chase them up today, I am thankful it has been during this period of history I have been without it, especially since we are in the low bird number window of the year. It is crazy walking in parks and reserves at the moment with 3 times more people there, and very little care taken in distancing. Yes it is very different, and has thrown the plans of everyone out for the year in a way so unpredictable and unexpected. Thanks again for your well wishes, may you both keep well through this time my friend 🙂


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