13 comments on ““What Birds Teach Us” Second Edition: Improved and Enlarged is Here!

  1. Congratulations, Ashley, on your hard work and tireless endeavor on your book’s second edition! I am so happy for you, wishing you huge success in your sales, my friend!! I still have my first edition copy. 🙂 I am very interested in ordering three copies of the second edition, one for each of my grandboys. Also interested in knowing the special gift package information. Do you still have my email address? If so, let me know the details when you’ve got them established and priced. No rush, I’m going to give it as Christmas presents to each of them…..unless, and a good chance, I can’t wait that long…. 😉

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    • Thanks Donna, thanks for your kind well wishes. I have not worked out the Gift package as yet, as I need to contact people and make inquiries to set it up when things improve. As for ordering three in one transaction, postage makes it expensive, but as a friend I will let you buy from my Special Offer page for my Book Launch: https://aussiebirder.com/special-offer/
      I am not sure how the mail is travelling in the USA at the moment from Australia, it may be slowed. Hope this helps, keeping you all in prayer. Stay Safe my friend!

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    • Hi William, The currency conversion factor changes daily. I have placed a link to a converter on my BirdBook sales page. At present I think our dollar is about $1.6 AUD to your $1 AD. Yes you can have a signed copy. Just go to my special offer page and follow the instructions for International residents, and will tell you where to request signing, and what you want to say. Here is the link to the Special Offer page: https://aussiebirder.com/special-offer/

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  2. Wow, that is one of the best videos of a lyrebird I have seen yet! They are amazing birds. Congratulations on the new edition of your book Ashley, it’s obvious you have put in a lot of effort and it’s great that you have updated it for the changing times. All the best with it.

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    • Thanks Lisa Beth for your encouraging comments. It is followers like yourself dear sister that make it a delight and privilege to showcase our Lord’s avian wonders. Thank you also for purchasing my book. Iam just about to go to the post office to mail it to you. I do hope you enjoy it. It is amazing that I got it printed and am able to sell it online, even while many places including my book sellers and gift shops are closed. The Lord is Good and has placed his favour on the book, as it showcases his beautiful character through the birds, in a way that the reader, whatever belief they have, doesn’t realize till it starts to change them, as many have testified from my previous edition. Stay safe my friend. Blessings.

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      • Really looking forward to the book, Ashley! The Lord opens to you the marvel of His creation and gifts it to us, a window of beauty and melodies.
        Press on dear brother, may the Lord inspire and encourage you and your wife. 🕊

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  3. Wow! What a superb result. All the very best for the success of this wonderful project.

    It is a grand feel when you’ve put your heart and soul, and countless hours into bringing it all together and you finally get to hold it in your hands, and realise you’ve been able to breath life into the original idea.
    May it be a great success for you and an enrichment for all those who read and enjoy the book

    Well done Ashley. More power to you!

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    • Thanks David so much for your encouraging words. I had my first sale of the new edition today, which is also an encouraging sign. Yes, many hours have gone into this as you know, and it is not so much about profit more so my legacy of contribution to the next generation, of which many are need of encouragement and assistance to navigate their youth. We need to catch them while they are still young and impressionable. I have had so much interest and support from friends and family, it has been great. At present our house is in turmoil as we are using our stay-cation to do renos on it, dust and furniture everywhere after sanding the floors, thankfully they are drying from the final coat. Painting the walls and doing repairs will follow. I am hoping the camera repair guy will receive my lens parts this week from Japan or wherever, it has been a long spell without my birding lens. Hope you are both keeping well and managing to get some time out, even if it is to the coffee shop after shopping. 🙂


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