13 comments on “Social Distancing in Local NP – A Beautiful Autumn Sunday

  1. I love that tree, incredible! And perfect for your message, Ashley. Bill’s a local celebrity! 🙂 Very nice photos and how wonderful to find more people out and about, enjoying nature during this pandemic. Glad to hear you and your wife can get out for your walks and sightings. Nature does bring peace to our distress.

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    • Thanks Donna, Yes it has been unusual for our state as the others are locked up more, yet we have the higher number of people, However, the parks are closed this weekend, and the police are stopping people from leaving our city to have a holiday, and fining people for breaching. We have been praying for your daughter and family each day, and for yourselves. My wife is so happy to be on leave now and away from facing patients. We enjoyed sitting and talking quietly together eating our hot-crossed buns over coffee. We will be allowed to walk after the holiday weekend. We will be having our Good Friday church gathering online today. I created a private page on my website for some of my friends which has some the songs from a past Christian group I was in which you might like to visit if you want some encouragement. Stay safe and enjoy this time of celebrating Jesus in whom is true peace, joy and freedom. https://aussiebirder.com/encouragement/

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      • Thank you so much for all your prayers, Ashley! I am thrilled to hear your wife is on leave, I will definitely listen to your songs. It will be different for us this Easter, our first ever away from family. I’m so thankful for the technology we have today to chat and video chat, to keep in contact. Have a blessed Easter holiday weekend, my friend.

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  2. Yeah! Glad you were able to get out and about. Most of us are feeling the desire to get out, with “social distancing,” of course.
    Thankfully, the Lord’s creation was their to greet you. Great article, photos and videos. Stay safe.

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    • Thanks Lee, yes we were blessed to be able to grab the opportunity on such a lovely day. Winter has begun to hit us today with an early cold blast. Several of my blogging friends, are likewise restricted to home. Our state has been more lenient with admission to National Parks, but this could change. While people take distancing seriously we will not see any drastic changes yet. We did enjoy and appreciate being out more than ever, after being at home all week. It helps us appreciate what we have. Keep safe my friend 🙂

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  3. Lovely photos of the Golden Whistler, what a beautiful bird and a delight to hear as well. I’m pretty envious of you being able to still visit the national parks during this time, here in Tasmania they are all closed off, so no trip to Cradle Mountain to see the changing colours of the fagus trees this year or the autumn mushrooms in the parks. Stay safe and enjoy your staycation. 🙂

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    • Thanks Sue, yes it is sad they have stopped you going into the parks, they may still do that here if people don’t do the right thing. We have a number of very rebellious youth and others in Sydney who are not treating this serious enough and helping spread this virus. Generally most are cooperating. The cruise ships have added a considerable burden now to the problem here in Sydney, as you have probably heard. I just try to stay home as much as possible. My wife is exhausted being on the front line and starts her staycation this week, so we are looking at all the things we can do around the house . Sad about Cradle being closed. Stay safe my friend and make the most of the enforced rest, hope you can get out and about soon. 🙂

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  4. I’m glad that you and your family are well. Here in USA, we are still staying home, away from groups of people. Many businesses and stores are closed to the public. It’s going to be tough times for the Economy. Take care all of you. 🙂

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    • Thanks HJ, Yes we are praying for you and your country also. Our government are doing all they can to help us through this time. The cruise ship debacle has added many more positives to the count. I am staying home during the week as I am one of the vulnerable due to an existing condition.

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  5. Hello Ashley, you are lucky to have the ok from Parks, here any travel, is now banned. I’d not be able to get to our birding park without taking a risk.
    However the last time we were there, the ranger we speak with was not going to worry about visitors.
    The same thing happened on the day we were there, lots of people, in a place where we’d never seen another human before. Strange is.

    Like the Whistler shots, they are such a beaut bird, I only see the Goldens occasionally these days.

    It is good to have such a lovely place with so many birds available. Enjoy.

    Glad you were able to enjoy Bill’s company.
    Trust that all is well, and sooner rather than later a touch of normality might appear.

    Best wishes

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    • Thanks David, yes we like many others took advantage of the opportunity, as I think the state government are realising they have to give little if they want people to abide by the rules, otherwise people will rebel and do the wrong thing. It was a great find for you the other day with the Kite family, that you got that time out. It is not just about the exercise, it is the touching base with nature and the interaction we were created to experience for our health as caretakers of all this. I concur with the research you shared, as many are now studying it the physical, mental and emotional advantages. We have to try and save what is left of our forests, but our state government is allowing big business to secretly destroy them. I do hope the media get on the wagon soon, as we daily lose Koala and bird habitat on the north coast. We have had a nature conservation group lobbying for support and won a couple of court cases against the government, but they are very sneaky, and do not enforce the legislation, but interpret it to their own liking. So much has been burnt and lost. I do hope the Rufous Fantails return this season, I am concerned that I have not seen any locally yet. We are blessed that our NP was spared the fires, and the three Whistler families, which I think has risen to four last year, are doing well. Hope you manage to get out sometime David and have some nature therapy. I guess if you get pulled up you could say ‘I’m on my way to the office,’ 🙂


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