12 comments on “Wattle You Know About These – Our Largest Honeyeaters – The Wattlebirds ?

  1. I love the reds 😀 even of they can be a bit aggressive. I find their crowing (is that even what it’s called?) Such a comforting noise. I love watching them do it, puff out their little chests xD I do hope to see a yellow one day. I thought the reds were huge, but then I saw a blue faced Honeyeater.

    Also, great to hear about the site for younger ones. My 10year old niece has started getting interested in birds, so I’ll be sure to show her 😀

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    • Thanks Lolipops for your welcome comment! Yes, it is interesting to watch the way they puff up their chests before calling, and they do have a very unique throaty sound. Yes the Blue-faced HEs are also quite large and another aggressive honeyeater, and are also chased by Miners and Wattlebirds, especially when the young are fledging or nesting. I am hoping that we can interest young people in birding through my website, talks and my book, I would be interested to know how your niece finds the page as I am asking different people to give me feedback.


  2. I am astonished how long and how patiently you’ve waiting for the return of your lens! By now, I’d have gone and bought a new one and just apologized to my wife after the fact! LOL. Great blog! William

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    • Likewise William, I am also astonished, and so is my wife, as this has tested my patience somewhat, and the Lord has given me grace to just let it be. Apparently, the request for a part in the lens was missed by the company, so the repair has been stretched out. It gives me a chance to showcase some of our birds in the meantime. Thanks for your welcome comment.


  3. Thanks so much Lisa Beth! Yes we praise our Lord for his amazing handwork as does all creation glorious and wonderful are all his ways. Thanks for your prayers. I had my heart put back to normal rhythm this morning so we are asking our Lord to do a miracle and hold it there. It is amazing how peaceful and good it feels, praise his wonderful name!


  4. Wow, what a world of Wattles! Fascinating. Thank you for another wonderful post, displaying God’s magnificent creation.
    I pray that you and your wife are well….will keep you in prayer brother.

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