8 comments on “Dining on the Lake – Its about the Bill

    • Thanks so much Lisa Beth, I am so bless that you pray for me, as we will be trying another procedure early March to rectify my heart again as a last attempt. The Lord has it in hand and knows whats best so he has got my attention, and I am learning to slow down and change my pace. 🙂

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  1. I really enjoyed going back and forth through this post and your ducks, Ashley, looking for similarities to our U.S. ducks. Not too many! Stunning captures, I loved seeing all the details & colors, and what a wonderful message! I hope you’ve been feeling better, Ashley, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your wife!

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    • Thanks Donna, So glad you enjoyed cross comparing ducks, I enjoy doing those comparisons also. It makes us aware of the wonderful Creator God we have, how unity and distinction operate side by side in his economy. I have been much the same healthwise, I tire easily and can’t exert myself like I use to, but give thanks I live my life fairly free of the stresses of working in the city as I wear out fast because of my heart condition, so I am coming to accept being a home husband and writing is my new normal, with book sales and talks to follow later. I did not plan it this way, I loved my career especially training young newbies and passing on my experience, but God knows better. My brother phoned last night having found out yesterday he has the same heart condition I have. We are having one more procedure to try to rectify the heart beat in March. so we are praying for that to work. I pray you are doing well this year my friend!


  2. Thanks William, All of our wildlife is protected in Australia, but sadly three states allow recreational duck shooting with daily bag limits and seasonal dates, where they claim it is sustainable. The RSCPA and Birdlife Australia are trying to get it banned in all states because numbers are dropping as habitat and food decreases, and ferule cats, foxes and raptors increase. Especially after the fires where we lost millions. It will take many years of protection to get back what is lost. Several of our rarer ducks already have a hyper fear of humans and will immediately leave the area on approach because they have seen so many of their species killed. The biggest problem with so called ‘sustainable duck shooting’ here is that many shooters have no respect or even ability to discern the species of duck they are taking aim at, and may find up close they have killed an endangered duck, or may not be aware, or hide the evidence, so that many protected and endangered species are killed also. If caught killing or injuring protected/endangered species they will be fined about $20,000 and/or 12 months in prison and a further $3,00 for each endangered or protected bird killed. The only way I shoot birds is with my camera, it is a win-win situation and we both walk away happy, and I get to enjoy my trophies and they bring me pleasure for many years to come and not just for the moment. It takes great skill and patience as it does for a shooter to capture that special bird moment.

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  3. Beautiful birds! Curious if duck hunting is as big a sport there in Australia as it is here in the US? I have coworkers that are so zealous about duck hunting and are amazing in what they can do with duck calls. I think they can ID flying ducks much quicker than me! How about there?

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