4 comments on “The Bird Everyone Loves to See – The Rainbow Lorikeet

    • Thanks Donna, yes they are bright little projectiles and their excited noisy chatter is always a welcome sign as they climb over our Bottlebrush flowers, we just get use to hearing and seeing them all the time, always in pairs.

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  1. Ha!
    Some birds have taken great advantage of the human condition and Rainbows certainly are among them. It used to be rare to see them locally, but in a short span of years, their numbers have grown exponentially.
    Easy to follow them along our streets with the blossom being torn from the trees and strewn along the footpath.
    They are as you point out, great clowns, and it not unusuall to spend many minutes being entertained by they antics.
    Super inflgihts as its not often easy to appreciate the clever design work of a master artist on display in this way.

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    • Thanks David, I thought they needed a word put in for them as they have been so active of late and I do enjoy their excitement as I do the Grey Butcherbird. Yes I have noticed the field guides have then spread further south these days even to SA. While we plant native Grevilleas and Bottlebrush they will come! Yes they bear the beautiful artistry of a truly clever intelligent designer. Funny enough, I could post several unusual or rare bird finds and include one photo of a Rainbow and our international followers will always comment on the Rainbow. I notice this when I meet birders on tour they rank next to Kookaburras and Fairy-wrens. Hope you are getting some rain down there, we had some now we are back in humid heat with rain promised but not occurring. Have a good week!


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