10 comments on “Local Birding Places We Frequent – Oatley Park Reserve

  1. Awesome sightings! A walk with nature never fails us, even if it’s just to listen. Wonderful post and message, Ashley. I continue to pray for your country, it is heartbreaking for the world to see the devastation. Very glad to hear the last couple days has given everyone a break.

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    • Thanks Donna, your prayers are so appreciated dear friend. Yes, we actually had a thunderstorm WITH rain today and more to come later and the next couple of days, we are so thankful and it is so nice, except for the humidity it brings. The smoke has cleared today and it is nice to breathe free again for a while anyway. 🙂

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  2. It’s good that you keep your good sense of humor regardless of the fires, smoke, also, natural distress. I enjoyed your post very much. Take care, my friend. 🙂

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  3. There really is nothing quite like a walk in nature is there?! I’m so glad your local parks have been spared and am thankful for the beautiful pictures you were able to gather….and loved the talk balloons! The magpie is so very interesting how they can imprint people on their brain and then how they remove the stinger from insects. Our God is such an incredible creator! Blessings and continued prayers for you, your family and your country!. 🙂

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    • Thanks Jen, So true it is such a blessing to be walking alone in the (God’s) Garden with our Heavenly Dad, just as Adam would have. I find noise alarming and stressful, especially the young guys and their loud cars, the plains that take off overhead etc but the quiet of the park is therapy to me. Our Magpie is a very intelligent bird, second in the world they say to the Raven. They have a very tight and functional family and clan structure and have to learn how to hunt and do life, much like eagles. They have developed skills quite unique to them. I have a an alpha male that visits here every day for a wash and drink, and all the other birds respect him. Thanks again for your prayers and caring comments. We are so blessed to not be living in the bush, as I use to. The areas where I use to live all had big fires. Have a wonderful week my friend! 🙂

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