18 comments on “A 20/20 Look Into 2020

  1. Oh Ashley it is so terrible about the all the fires, my heart goes out to all of Australia – including the beautiful creatures that grace its lands. ❤ Lovely images as, always. Take care, be well!

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  2. We continue to pray for your country and your family’s safety. I agree that it would be wonderful if someone would step up and call a day of prayer for rain….and how wonderful to read in your reply about your wife and you fasting and God sending rain and a miracle! Thank you for your beautiful posts and videos. I got a real chuckle at the surrogate mom trying to take care of her MUCH larger “offspring”!!! And what a wonderful thing a birdbath is for so many reasons. It is interesting that you can’t feed your birds; we just take for granted here that we fill feeders, as I did yesterday all around the property. But especially with your drought, I can only imagine the gratefulness of the birds for the water you provide. God bless and continue to protect and provide for you and your family.

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    • Thanks Jen, for your much appreciated prayers. We advise people not to feed our birds due to the aggressiveness and problems that can and do stem from their behaviour toward humans when they continue to do so. Many tourists and newcomers to our country can testify to the problems that have occurred when they thought they were doing the birds a favour. Some individual birds of the less aggressive and more intelligent species are not so bad and are quite appreciative, but you have to know the difference. Water is the major concern at present and they are even drinking while they watch us standing close by, which they never use to do. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

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  3. Bittersweet post, my heart is heavy for the raging fires. Thank you Ashley, for show casing those bathing beauties! In the mist of destruction you still uphold God’s splendor.
    Husband Bob and I are praying for Australia and totally agree with the blue headed bird. The Body of Christ must rise up in unity and compassion.
    Press on dear brother, keep posting.

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    • Thanks dear Lisa Beth, your prayers and care are much appreciated, as there appears yet to be no end in sight for the terrible carnage of these fires which are daily growing to larger more destructive fire fronts. Last night Praise God! for the first time in months we had a thunder storm and it actually rained for a short time. Tomorrow will be another catastrophic day of wind and high temps. So many have lost homes and are traumatized, scarred for life by the terror of fire. The small of smoke is the norm here now. I only notice it in the morning when I wake up, but it is there all day and you just get use to it. Many of my Christian friends are all wondering why the church leaders have not spoken out. Our Christian Prime Minister who lives locally is not going to as he is in a difficult situation in our now multicultural Australia composed of many religions. Maybe it has to get much worse before our country cries out as a nation to God. Blessing to you and your hubby for the new year dear sister!

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  4. You two stay safe down there. You are in our prayers, as is for others there in Australia. We are being kept abreast of the fires and loss of life, humans and critters. Very tragic, but this did not catch the Lord by surprise.

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    • Thanks Lee, yes the Lord is quite aware of the situation, but as a nation they are not looking to him, but arguing over climate change as the cause, but as you and I both know, that does not make it rain, stop it being so windy or put out the increasingly destructive fires. My wife and I prayed/fasted on the last catastrophic day when many south coast areas were under attack for the town of Narooma which was being threatened with annihilation that night and a miracle occurred and the fires did not encroach it, and it rained that night. If only two prayed and that happened, how much more would happen if our nation’s churches prayed as one. It is a very strange time for the Christians here in our country. Thank you dear sister for your prayers and concern it is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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  5. Every time I see the news on TV and they show videos about the wildfires in Australia, I think of you and your family. Yesterday, they said that it’s estimated that half a billion animals may have perished so far. It’s so tragic. You have managed to post a wonderful gallery of birds and other animals. May G-d keep you and your family safe.

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    • Thanks HJ, for your concern, yes it is so very tragic, and it is only the beginning of our hottest summer ever, February is our hottest and wildest month for storms. These conditions have made it difficult for all birders to get out and about as we are warned not to travel and stay safe.

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    • Thanks Donna, for your prayers and loving concern, these are difficult days for our nation. Thankfully there are still some unburnt areas near us we can explore but all national parks and forests are dangerous places to be at present and we are all avoiding them. The fires are gradually making there way toward our city from both sides as they are unrelenting and we need several days of solid rain. Have a wonderful week as you start a new year which will bring many enjoyable experiences to you and hubby.

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  6. Hi Ashley,
    Hard to put into words the devastation. I find it interesting in Lawson’s poem that the ‘fires had spread south for weeks’ Sometimes I think we are feed so much micro-news from tv and social media, that it all becomes overwhelming and hard to put into perspective.
    We’ve just come back from a week up at the family acres, no damage so far, but we were only a few k from the King Valley fires, and the air was dense, rich golden yellow and everyone is complaining of breathing and sore throats.

    Great to see the Buff-banded Rails. Not a bird I see often, so its always a treat.

    Magpie project is still planning, but I’m close to working out the parameters and addressing the use of SmugMug.
    Interestingly, our local magpies are very quiet amid the ashen grey skies in town. Perhaps they are a bit bewildered by it all.

    All the best for 2020.

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    • Thanks David, I do hope your family property escapes this insatiable fire. There are many who believe that this is all part of a cycle which Australia has to go through every so many years, as many of the seeds and grasses etc germinate and replenish through fire. Because of the interference of non native humans, things are possibly worse than they should be. Yes, the Rails were an unexpected find for us, and their reappearance later that afternoon was an added blessing. Good your Magpie project is starting to come together, these things take time. I am finding things take longer these days to work out. If I was a youngster like my 11 and 18 year old grandsons I would have learnt coding and be able to fix my website in many different ways, but the programming I did back in the seventies is very different today, so I just manage enough to get by. I am currently going over my website and fixing and updating pages. Not doing much out of town birding while conditions prevail, and very concerned for our National Park which is one of our fav places, it is so dry. We have fires to the north and south now slowly making their way toward Sydney, not sure how it will be after tomorrow. Our local birds are staying close to our birdbaths and drinking there more regularly than usual. We were blessed last night with a thunderstorm which actually brought some rain for a short time. Keep safe my friend!


  7. Hi Ashley, thanks for the overview. It is hard to put into words the devastation, but interesting to not in Lawson’s poem, the reference to the fires burning south for weeks. (I think one of the main differences these days is that everythng in micro-reported on t v and social media and in the end we become immune to the ‘crisis mode’.)
    Good to see the Buff-banded Rails, not a bird that I get to see except on a rare occassion.
    Been away for a week up the family acres, fortunately no damage from the fires so far, but as the King Valley one was just up the road, the air was an eerie golden yellow for most of the days.

    Good to see your magpies, and I hope by next week, to get down to adding the finishing touches to the scope of the project, and then get to work. Interestingly our local magpies seem overwhelmed by the lingering smoke around town and are very quiet.

    Good luck with the book.


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