15 comments on “Christmas Greetings!

    • Thanks so much Dr Jim for your most encouraging comment, it does mean a lot to me that you appreciate my blog. Our Lord’s richest blessings to you and family for the New year.


  1. Hello Ashley,
    Sometimes its just nice to draw a line under a period of time and move on with high hopes and anticipation of new challenges.
    Best wishes for the new book, and the chance to be out and about as an ambassador in schools. A great opportunity no doubt.
    Thanks also for your persistence and resilience in publishing on your site regularly, its always a pleasure to follow and ponder who others are seeing the birds in their world.

    And good luck with the chance to replenish the website and blog looks.
    Each year I look at my own site and try out various views, sometimes they stick, sometimes, well, I go back to the established.

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    • Thanks so much David for your most encouraging comments and sharing with me throughout the year. I enjoy and appreciate what we share together, and I am especially thankful for your photographic expertise and most interesting approaches to your birding experiences. It is lovely that we both get to share these times with our wives, as I often get told that many birders are matched with partners of quite opposite interests. Thanks so much David. After seeing what you have posted it makes me want to visit down your way. I have planned a road trip but we are not yet in position to do so, maybe 2020 God willing when the drought and fires are over. I am working now on trying to ebook my second book( this is different to my second edition) , there is a lot of work involved though, we will see. Yes, I am thinking through the website, and like you have tried things and changed things over the years, and will try to set up for the school children as well. Not sure what that looks like yet. Christmas blessings to Dorothy and yourself and a bright, healthy and enjoyable New Year to you both.


  2. Dear Aussie brother, warm greetings and love to you and your family from NYC! Thank you for another year of glorifying God’s creation. I’m always turning to husband Bob, “Bob! Look at this video, look how God made this _____ bird!”
    We’re watching them with you! Looking forward to your next book.
    May our Father order your steps through the new year and show Himself in greater measure, bringing much joy to your home!

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    • Thanks so much dear sister for your encouraging words. I am always delighted to read your comments, as they enhance the sense of worship and awe toward our wonderful Creator Father. I am blessed and rejoice that you share my posts with your hubby. Thanks also for your blessing and I pray in return that this season and the coming year will bring much joy and delight as you continue to walk closely with our Lord in his perfect will, and in this may you continue to experience his perfect peace. Isaiah 26:3 🙂

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