18 comments on “The UnBurnt Birds of the Blackened Bush – Bushfire Survivers Part 1

  1. Oh my, that turkey is a real menace! Thank you for the update on the fires, such a sad situation for animals and people and I pray your country recovers quickly. I really enjoyed the videos and especially the picture of the fig bird eating. Your book video is lovely…I don’t recall seeing that before. A blessed week to you and your wife friend!

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    • Thanks Jen, yes today will be another bad day for fires with strong winds predicted and many out of control fires continuing to burn across our state, and no rain in sight. We are on more extreme water restrictions in Sydney from today as our water supply is slowly running out. Delighted you enjoyed the videos. My eldest son who does production work for a TV show did the promo video for me. Blessings also to you and hubby as you prepare to enter your winter months. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Merryl for your delightfully encouraging comment, it is appreciated. Yes, I enjoy sharing our birds with the world as they are such a delight to us, and we learn so much about life from them. Have a most enjoyable week! 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness, from the sad destruction to the array of gorgeous birds. I am happy that the recovery and healing can begin for this area. It will take time is the devastating part. Loved, loved, loved so many stunning shots and videos, including Osprey, yay! Way to go, Ashley! Ending with the Brush Turkey gave me a wonderful laugh. Thank you, my friend!

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    • Thanks Donna, yes it is so sad to see so much destruction, and it is still going on today and will continue into summer while there is no rain. We are loosing hundreds of acres of forest daily and the smoke is constantly invading our lungs. Thanks also for your encouraging words regarding my post. The Brush Turkey is a very opportunistic bird and very brazen often stealing food and digging up gardens in suburbs. Have a great weekend my friend, and thanks for your prayers!

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  3. It makes me sad when I read about the devastation caused by the fires. The impact in the wildlife must be tremendous. Also, the loss of infrastructure and countless homes. It’s a great sad loss. May G-d keep you safe and all your family.

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  4. Hi Ashley,
    It is quite depressing and eerie to drive through recent burnt areas. You photos really do show that devestaion.
    However for the Aussie bush it is a real fact of life, and we might rail against this or that, the reality is that once fires of this ferocity take hold the time for talk is far over.

    About 10 years back Victoria’s high country was severely burnt and I’m convinced it decimated the Flame Robins that used to come down and winter over in our area. The numbers have never been anywhere near the heady days of 2005-2009.

    My pick of this series is the Brahiminy Kite. A bird that is very high on my ‘must’ photograph list. I’d love to be able to spend enough time to get to know their territory and feeding behaviour and then be confident about getting the best from the encounters. Perhaps one day.

    Thanks for the insights.


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    • Thanks David, That’s so sad about the Flame Robins, we hardly ever see them, and that is a great loss. Yes the Brahminy is a beautiful bird to see in full sunlight on a blue sky, the colours are so vivid. Sadly they usually don’t make it down your way. They usually start from where we were last week and are only found along the coast along the top. My best experiences with them was in Broome, but they are always found around the Forster area where we were last week over the lakes and beaches. Like the Sea-Eagle they tend to eat fish and creatures found around the shoreline, beaches and nearby bush. The smoke has been the worst ever today in Sydney, we could barely breath outside, and everything is covering with ash and soot, you could not stay outside long for health reasons, as fires burn both north and south of us. Tomorrow could be worse as the southerly comes up the coast last tonight. Hope all is good at your end, it is going to be the long hot summer which will go down in history.


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