17 comments on “Birding on the Great River Walk – Numerous Nestlings

  1. HI Ashley, just wanted to let you know your post title came to my email. but is not showing up on wordpress. Wanted to alert you so we can all see your pics! Have a great day! 🙂


    • Thanks so much Lisa Beth, I am so blessed to know how this blog blesses you dear sister, you are such an encouragement to us both! We sense our Lord with us when we go birding together, and it adds such a special touch to each birding date. 🙂

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  2. Thanks again for sharing. My favorite this time is the Chestnut-breasted Mannikin. Neatly colored little bird, but I like it’s appearance. Another great creation from His Hands.

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  3. Wow, what a great day out you had! The videos of the baby birds in the nest was awesome, and I love the mannikin birds…they are just striking! A beautiful weekend to you and your wife, and maybe another birding date. Happy spring to you both! 🙂

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    • Thanks Jen, we were so blessed to see so many babies in one morning. Yes, the Mannikins are a beautiful little bird we seldom see, it was a great bonus. This was a wonderful birthday weekend for me, and we went to a large inland country city visiting my wife’s family and saw some great birds there which will be in my next post. Have a wonderful week!

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    • Thanks Brighamstephen, so glad you enjoy our beautiful birds and hope you continue to learn as I do from your posts. There so much we can learn about life from our birds, as they bring so much delight and appreciation into our lives. Thanks again for sharing and enjoy your week!


  4. What a great day out, Like HJ I’d be pretty impressed to see that number in a week, let alone a day.
    We are pretty much weathered in at the moment, but have to pause to consider those in the fire zones at the moment.
    I fear we are going to have a catastrophic summer if things keep going the way they are. The spring grasses are already of an running and in many places up to waist height. Make it difficult for the hunting birds, and once it drys out a huge fuel load.

    Beaut to see the Scissorgrinders we have to travel a bit to see them, but love to hear their call. Thanks for the fine views of the Dusky Woodswallows. They are around locally, but in lots of smaller groups rather than massed flocks. not sure why.

    Good luck with the latest version of your book

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    • Thanks David, yes it was a truly blessed time for us both, and we only had walked several meters and it all started unfolding. The severe drought has drawn many birds to best by the large fresh water rivers. The fires are raging here and in Queensland at the moment, over 60, and many homes gone and several dead. Some bad ones near my daughter and brother. My brother and his wife can’t get home this weekend as they are cut off by fires across the highway up north as are many thousands of people including trucks. My daughter is cut off from food supplies as are the people in their town, they have to cook rice as the town supplies run out. This Tuesday is meant to be the most catastrophic of all time, so we are praying for reprieve and a miracle. We were away out south west on the weekend and saw woodswallows that were newly fledged and being fed near Lake Albert in Wagga, which I will be posting. It was a great followup of their next stage of development, as we will not be able to revisit Penrith for some time to see those ones growing. Thanks also for your well wishes for the book, the books keep me busy at the moment in between home duties. Hoping you have a better week weatherwise, and that you get to explore outdoors again. I heard you got some wintery blasts again, and so did Tassie. I just hope the next few days are not as bad for you as they will be for us.:-)


    • Thanks HJ, We do consider ourselves truly blessed to have so many different species close at hand, and that we now can make the time to travel away on day trips and weekends, as our families have grown up and left home. The great advantage is that both my wife and I enjoy birding together, and we still get excited watching our local birds bathing in our birdbaths. While we were away over the weekend the baths were dry, Just after getting home I cleaned and refilled them and stood inside watching from the window, as I knew many of them were waiting for me to refill, As I predicted, within a couple of minutes they all flew in and took turns swimming and drinking and left. I regard these birds as my pets, and they regard us as their friends, yet they are wild birds. Our friends are amazed how tame they have become, and sit in the courtyard with us watching them wash and perform only a couple of feet away. They have to be careful they don’t get splashed or the birds don’y shake themselves above them. Have a wonderful week HJ, and praying your medical conditions and future operations all bring about lasting improvement to your health. 🙂

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