4 comments on “Spring Rains bring Hope to All – Birding After Rain

  1. Gorgeous captures, so many beautiful birds witnessed, Ashley, what a lovely time together for you and your wife. Wonderful update news about your books, how exciting! Best to you on both books, I know they’ll be successful. 🙂

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    • Thanks Donna, it is always an exciting time for us both on our birding dates, not just for the birds but just having a nice time out together. Yes the improved 2nd Edition is an exciting addition, praying it may become a best seller and be recommended by educationists and counselors.

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  2. I haven’t had fishnchips in Windsor since the early 1970s. What a great memory. It is amazing what a good soak of rain can do for the bleached landscape. The sad thing is it is needed in so many places.
    “Rain in Due Season” is such a blessing.
    Interesting also how quickly the birds return to or locate pools of water. We have a new wetlands/ water retarding basin under final construction close to our local supermarket, to my surprise the ther day when I looked over the fence a pair of Black-fronted Dotterels were running about on the waters edge. Haven’t seen any locally for most of winter.

    Fantastic to see the Black-shouldered Kite in action. You can almost feel the intense concentraction.
    When they do hit prey on the ground it is with such a loud noise. Sounds like a brick being dropped.

    Good luck with the new book, and any revisions you working on.

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    • Thanks David, it was a blessing to have some rain, there are still puddles in some places which means we got a nice drop. Windsor has been a recent stop being on the way to Bushell’s. My auntie told me my ancestor, a convict partnered another convict and started the historic pub there, has some interesting stories so she told me. That was how Windsor started so I was told. The wetlands around the Hawkesbury area have some flocks of interesting ducks which many birders come to seek out. Surprising to see Dotterels so close to a supermarket. Love watching the Black-shouldered Kite in action, but I never see it drop, seems to move on each time. Thanks for your kind words, have an enjoyable Spring week.


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