12 comments on “Waiting to Welcome our Waders – Mudflat Muse

  1. Hello Ashkley, Thanks for the details on the Bar-tailed Godwits migration tracks. We don’t get a lot of them this far south, just see them in handfuls from time to time.
    Don’t ever see the Eastern Curlew. A gorgeous creature indeed.

    We’ve been set in with rain on and off the past week or so. The one thing it has done is give the winter, and now spring gresses a chance to get going, another danger signal for a long hot and traumatic summer.

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    • Thanks David, I think your rain is about to reach us with high winds and much cloud. Here’s hoping for some rain, to revitalize the place and give the birds a chance to nest. Yes, Summer could be the worst ever if weather patterns do not change drastically, though usually it is as Dorothea MacKellar has well described ‘ ..of droughts and flooding rains.’ it is either/or in most cases. Enjoy your week!


  2. Wonderful sightings and captures, Ashley, but so sorry for the drought, its effect on the birds and other wildlife is devastating I know. Amazing captures of the pelican narrowly getting out, maybe he’s been watching too many surfers and likes the challenge, lol. But, seriously, there is a message there you shared, thank you. Love that Eastern Curlew, what a beak and great video of him finding a crab! We have the Long-billed Curlew and I’ve yet to see one, but some day hopefully. Not seeing a Godwit can’t be too disappointing with all these fine sightings and captures! Gives you a reason to go back to find one again! 🙂

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    • Thanks Donna, your Long-billed Curlew is almost identical to our Eastern Curlew, though the Eastern is apparently the largest of waders.They both migrate but yours to another part of your large country whereas ours goes into the Northern Hemisphere during our Winter to breed. They are all declining in number yearly due to reduced habitat and fowlers snaring them for sale in the Asian markets. The Godwits should hopefully land here this week or next. Have a wonderful week my friend!

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  3. Absolutely stunning. I had to look up more about that Gahah bird, so amazing! Thank you brother for extolling the glory of God. So wonderful that God reveals these beauties through the body of Christ.
    May the Lord bless you and your home.

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  4. Wow, what an incredible slide show of the pelican, and a lesson for us all to remember as well. Amazing you were able to capture that and am so glad you shared! I pray you receive rain soon and have a wonderful spring! God bless!!

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    • Thanks Jen, it is always a great thrill to be in the right place at the right time to capture something extraordinary. Thanks for your prayers, if we don’t get rain soon our country will be on fire most of the summer, as it has been the last few days causing mass destruction. We have never had a Spring like this. Enjoy the rest of your week !


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