18 comments on “Rest, I Will Bring the Birds to You – The Bush Stone-curlew

  1. Hi Ashley, I love the photos and footage of the bush stone curlew. I remember seeing them once at a wildlife sanctuary in Queensland and how funny and awkward they looked when they sat down! Also enjoyed your video of the bee eater taking a quick swim!

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    • Thanks Sue, they are one of the most unusual birds I have ever seen. It is quite a treat to pass them in the street at night as they maintain the freeze position as you pass. Yes, the bee-eaters are such super fast flashes of colour, it is a challenge to catch them in flight. Hope its not too cold down there, have a great weekend!

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  2. How beautiful that God gave you and your wife the rest you needed and brought the birds right to you! Very interesting that the bird is nocturnal and I loved the video of it at night. The figeater bird is beautiful as is the Shelduck, which reminds me very much of our wood duck. An informative and beautiful post as always…so nice learning about birds on the other side of the world! May you and your wife continue to find rest and have numerous blessings brought to you both! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Jen, the internet has enabled us to get a more comprehensive view of life in other parts of the world so much better than when we were kids and only TV docos, travel shows and Encyclopedia Britannica were around. Amazing how far it all has come in our lifetime. Thanks again for your kind comments and blessings and my our Lord bring to you and your hubby more beautiful blessings like in your last post which I did enjoy immensely. Have a wonderful week my friend!

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  3. Hey Ash,

    your bee eater pics are incredible!

    I’m really grateful for your sharing of what God puts on your heart, to wait and He will come to me – be patient. Thank you for being such a Godly example to a lost and hurting world. I just resigned from my job with the hope of establishing a coaching business, scripture is so comforting. So glad you are both resting and feeling better. Love to you and Rob. xxx Keep your dreams alive!


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    • Thanks so much Chrissie,
      Rob and I had such an enjoyable time watching them at the resort and capturing their beatuful colours. The fly so fast it takes a high speed capture to get their full beauty.Thanks also for your kind encouraging words dear sis, and we are praying it all works out for you in your new season of work. The Lord will make your path straight: ‘I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.’ – Prov4:11. Say hi to Garry for me, we pray he is able to establish his new business soon also. Please pray that I will get part time work soon, as I have finished writing the second book. Love to you both 🙂


    • Thanks Myra, yes it is the favor of our Lord for he delights in his children delighting in him and his works. I will share more of this in future posts. Special thanks also for your email and pics. Hoping your birdwatching journal turns up soon for you. Enjoy your weekend!


    • Thanks Lee, It was interesting to discover in our latest bird guide that we now have 3 subspecies, when we use to have 2, but I have not found this to be entirely accurate in my geographical Figbird findings. The problem with a tree full of noisy Figbirds is that you have trouble seeing them as the Fig trees are so large and dark underneath.

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  4. Simply amazing displays of our Father’s creation. You expressed my exact thought, “he faithfully brings them to me, and do not need to strive after them.” Such personal love from His hand!
    Thank you for brightening my morning with videos & audios of birds I’ll never see myself.
    God bless you and your home.

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    • Thanks Lisa Beth, his love is so amazing and sure true, we just need to wait for him to make i happen. This is the ‘treasure in the trial’ from my current situation. So glad my post has brightened your morning and brought blessing to you and honour to our glorious Father of Wonders. These birds reflect his beauty and magnificence and his Intelligent Design. Enjoy your week!


    • Thanks David, it certainly was a surprise to have this bird appear as large as life only feet from our table and to stand there wondering for several seconds wondering which way to go. It was good that on this trip we got great footage of birds we saw last year and a few more lifers, without travelling too far to find them.


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