9 comments on “Chasing the Warmth with our Winter Migrant – The Rainbow Bee-eater

  1. What beautiful little birds! How wonderful that you and your wife were able to get away in nature after your hospital stay….just what the Dr. ordered! 🙂 How right you are that we need wisdom more than riches, in all phases of our lives. Blessings to you and your wife and family and continued health and strength my friend.

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    • Thanks Jen, yes it was amazing how it all panned out for us and that we were able to do the holiday we had previously booked before we knew any of the health issues. It was a lovely relaxing time, and I so enjoyed seeing my wife enjoy it so much. Thanks again for your prayers and blessings, we are deciding which path to take with the next phase of treatment to attempt to get back normal heart beat again. Blessings to you and the family Jen:-)

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  2. Hi Ashley,
    Hope the Norther warmth is agreeing with your disposition and that your health is on the improve. It is indeed mystifying when something unexpected swings out of the blue.

    Wonderful to see the Rainbow Bee-eaters on their winter jaunt. We get good numbers nesting around here in summer, but is always frenetic as they have a job to do and then disappear again.

    May peace and relaxation come to you on healing wings.

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    • Thanks David, it has been a very interesting time in our lives and my condition has helped to explain why I was having problems working full time as a scientist, which I am currently having time out from , which is another blessing, as it has also given time to complete my second book. Have a few more tests and possible operation of which we are considering options. We did enjoy the warmer weather up north as did the birds and was a lovely time of rest for my wife especially from her busy stressful working life also, but as you can see, a holiday is not a holiday without some local birding. The wonderful blessing was, in some instances the birds visited us at the resort, which I will share more of next posts. I was so pleased to catch the flight shots of the Bee-eaters this time round, and they were so easy to access. It is amazing how far south they go each summer considering their dislike of cold. Thanks also for your kind and comforting comments, hoping to get back my strength again soon, the same blessings back to Dorothy and yourself. 🙂


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