21 comments on “Finches in the Fog – The Double-barred Finch

  1. Those Double-barred Finches are absolutely beautiful and adorable at the same time! They have a similar look to our Barn Owls, how interesting. I did not know the term ‘charm’ for a flock of Finches, cool! So many other wonderful shots, including the fog scenes and that awesome spiderweb. Glad to hear your close to your first edit, that means you’ve come a long way already, yay! I am very sorry to read your health concerns and treatments. Hugs and prayers all is good and treatment works, my friend. Have a glorious week!

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    • Thanks Donna, Yes their face is a bit like that of a Barn Owl, only in miniature. Thanks also for your encouraging words, it has been a very unusual time for us both but we trust the Lord will bring us through it, his peace keeps me. Enjoy you week dear friend 🙂

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  2. Superb pictures of such wondeful little birds. The brillant sunlight has given you the best of colours.
    Hope you have success dealing with the heart issue.We do at least live in a time of great medical advance.
    May the best wishes and blessings flow to you.

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    • Thanks David, they are such sweet little birds, Jen commented that they looked like the Barn Owl in their face, which has some similarity. We were so glad we came back after the fog lifted even if just for these guys. We will see what this week brings trusting God and resting in his peace to bring through the procedure on Wednesday. Thanks for your caring concern and blessings, much appreciated! Hope you enjoy your week and stay well and warm.


  3. Lovely photos as always Ashley. Those little birds are cute but difficult to photograph. Love the foggy pics too. Glad to hear your book is coming along nicely, looking forward to it! Sorry to hear about your health issue, wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery after your procedure.

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    • Thanks Sue, for your kind wishes, here’s hoping for a good outcome this Wednesday. I have one of my grandies coming to stay next weekend, he says he loves bird watching with us so that should be great also! It must be getting pretty cold down there now, it is quite cold here this week, how are you finding winter there, it must be quite different to Queensland?

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      • That will be a nice treat for you to have one of the grandkids come and stay for a bit.
        Yes, very cold down here indeed. One morning it was -3 so I went to the Wetlands to get some photos of the heavy frost but it was so cold my camera didn’t want to work!

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  4. Those finches are absolutely adorable! Their faces remind me of our barn owl, and how charming that their flock is called a “charm!” I love the picture of the spider web…and isn’t fog fun when you can just be out exploring in it?! I look forward to reading your second book, and I will be praying for your health my friend; I’m sorry to read you are having heart issues. God bless you and your wife with a wonderful rest of the week!

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    • Thanks so much Jen. your prayers mean a lot to me, as I know the Lord is taking me through the next chapter of my journey. I finished writing the book today and will be submitting it for editing now. I am pleased with it and thank the Lord for his inspiration and guidance through the process. It is a blessing that I am not working as a scientist at present so I can attend to these medical issues. I am having a procedure on Wednesday to correct my heart beat. Blessings in a abundance to you and the family also this week end my friend.


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