5 comments on “Unexpected Finds – The Varied Sittella.

  1. What a beautiful variety of bird findings, Ashley! I am glad you were able to find the Pink-eared Ducks, they are gorgeous. I especially love the Golden-headed Cisticola photos, I know the barbed wire isn’t ‘natural’ but I love rusty things with birds and these are awesome!

    Please send me your song page link, I’d love to hear it, Ashley. Prayers for the your wife’s niece, may the Lord heal her and allow her to return home, and your songs inspire her with God’s love and strength.

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    • Thanks so much Donna! Yes the Cisticola is such a cute little bird, and they move quickly, but thankfully they are curious and will come and check you out. Thanks so much for your prayers Donna, it has been such a long journey for her, and she so much wants to go back home to her children. My link is aussiebirder.com/songs and password: grace Have a wonderful week my friend!

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  2. What a great way to spend a day. The Sittellas are such interesting birds, they seem to come and go with no apparent rhyme or reason around here.

    We’ve only just started to get Black-shouldered Kites back in the area, so perhaps with good mice supplies they will begin a winter nesting. We can but hope.

    I think the tail flick is also a territorial thing, as we often see nearby pairs warning each other about where the hunting rights are. 🙂

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    • Thanks David, Yes it is always a treat to watch the Black-shouldered Kite’s hover over a mouse and gradually descend upon it, though the mouse may not think so. Thanks for the tip about the tail flick it makes more sense to link with territory, though there were none other of the same species present, but several other species of raptor flying about. Have a great weekend!


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