6 comments on “A Lifer Becomes the Star of the Party – Southern Star Finch

  1. Great photos of the bittern Ashley, he’s very hard to see in the reeds, well camouflaged. No wonder I haven’t seen one yet! Have a good long weekend! 🙂

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    • Thanks Sue, they are difficult to see, so you have to keep looking and stand around for sometime. It is usually when they flush and fly that you watch where they land that helps give you a clew. The good thing is they tend to return to the same area to feed. Have a great long weekend also. Sydney is inundated at night time this weekend with Vivid 2019 on.

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  2. What a gift to receive, sighting and photographing your lifer Southern Star Finch. Four lifers in four weeks, you’re getting spoiled, Ashley! 😉 Wonderful shots of the Bittern. Yes, I did see him in the third photo; but they are definitely a challenge to find, and then try to photograph before they disappear again. I’m still trying to capture at least one of our two Bitterns. Happy Anniversary to you both, may you have many more!

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    • Thanks Donna! yes we were spoiled and amazingly blessed by a very generous Father who loves to delight his children. The Bittern are always a challenge, we again were blessed to see them in flight, your Bitt turn will come eventually my friend! Have a great week and keep your eye on that nest to see if any more hatchlings emerge.

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  3. What a super way to enjoy a dayout. Dorothy and I were having an anniversary lunch earlier in the year at an outside restaraunt when a Rufous Fantail turned up in the garden area and entertained us for an hour or more. But cameras were at home. Went back the following day. No bird!

    And such an excellent find on the BIttern. Good to see them in flight, a really lovely gait they have as they move across the grasses. Impressive inflgihts.

    All good.

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    • Thanks David, it was good that I bought my wife the latest Canon Powershot for Christmas, otherwise we would have had blurred tiny phone photos of the Star Finch, which is all others got who tried taking it in among the branches. It is frustrating when you forget to bring your birding camera thinking you will not need it on such an occasion. Yes we were truly blessed to see it in flight, and for my wife to actually see it also. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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