18 comments on “Two Good To Be True – The Red-capped Robin

    • Thanks Tiny, Yes I thought two lifers in two weeks was wonderful, but our gracious Creator since yesterday has given me three in three weeks, which I will soon post. The good thing is that we did not have to leave the Sydney area to find them. Have a wonderful rest of the week my friend!


    • Thanks Lee, there is so much energy and healing released in the joy and delight of thanksgiving and praise. We were wonderfully designed in this way so as to maintain our health and focus on the One in who’s presence is continuous thanksgiving and joy.

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  1. What an adorable bird, male and female, and a beautiful gift given to your and your wife! So glad you were both able to have such a peaceful day enjoying the beauty of nature. God bless!!

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  2. Thanks Vsweta, Robins seem to have similar traits to our Kookaburra who likewise follows us around the garden waiting for soil to be turned up, like Robins they will dive for worms right in front of you. It seems this is why we always see Robins diving to the ground on bush tracks. Thanks for sharing that helpful link, and have a wonderful week!


    • Thanks HJ, it was an unexpected gift on each occasion considering this time of year coupled with the severe drought has made bird numbers drop. Enjoy your week!


  3. Hi AB, first off Thanks for the link.
    I had the good fortune to live not more than 10mins from Woodlands Park near Melbourne Airport. It is an old stand of Grey Box forest and seems preferred by the Red-caps. At one time there were more than 20 pairs in the area, but recent years has seen a decline, for which there is apparent reason.
    They are a most inquisitive little bird, and we would often have them come as sit within arms reach if we were in their territory.
    The Gould League of Bird Lovers, when I was at school, had them as the signature bird, and i still have a Red-capped Robin pin. Dorothy and I were talking about it once and she said.,”Oh, wait on.” Went into her heirloom box of remembered stuff, and pulled out her copy of the pin. We laughed.

    So glad you were able to fulfill your dream. They are birds that respond well to the gentle are of mindful appreciation.
    Good luck with the Swifties.

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    • Thanks David, Yes it was an amazing moment for us both, unexpected as I had not seen it on previous occasions, but it made my year! How interesting that you and Dorothy still have your Guild pins, I had one from school many years ago but nothing ever came of the bird league where I went to school. My wife owns one of his original prints and she recently read a book written by John Guild’s wife which was very enlightening. Thankfully we are far removed from the era of shooting, stuffing and drawing birds and the camera has replaced the rifle. In essence the Canon is apply named. Enjoy your week now Autumn has arrived.


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