15 comments on “Lerps, a Major Industry – with Miner Control.

  1. I’m glad that when you and I are called “bird brained” because of our love of birds, it is no longer an bad thing. 🙂 Seen those Bell miners in a zoo. Recognized those “eyes”.

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    • Thanks Lee, True, now it is scientifically out there that birds are very intelligent, it is a compliment to us. Again it supports creation over evolution or as I just misspelt it evilution) it is’ like the batteries, in parallel as God created each after its own ‘kind’ and not in series as has been postulated and which there continues to be no evidence to support. I am glad Darwin’s private diary states he remained a theist to the end, he just had difficulty tying his hypothesis to the Bible account. Yes the eye markings on the Miners give them away, it is like the mask of the villains they really are. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  2. I finally have fixed my wordpress issues, and can repost my comment and enjoy your posts without delay! I am so happy to read you are beginning your second book!! You are still in my prayers for your employment issues, God is leading, and your wife is enjoying your “honey do lists!” 🙂 Hope you both have a blessed weekend and thank you for another very informative post!

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    • Thanks Jen, so glad your WordPress is fixed, I know it is frustrating when it breaks down as I had a similar issue some moths ago. Thanks for your prayers dear sis, it is an uncertain time but we are at peace knowing the Father knows best for us. Yes, the book inspiration is finally flowing as the time has come to write as the research is done and time is now.available. The jobs list gives me a sense of usefulness and satisfaction also. Happy Mothers Day Jen! Hope the boys spoil you heaps dear friend!

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  3. An interesting read Ashley and great photos too. I love listening to the sounds of the bell miner. Good to hear you have the creative juices flowing for your next book. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 🙂

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    • Thanks Sue, yes it is good to be writing, I love sharing what I have learnt especially to young birders, but the book allows me to put it all together and hopefully be a legacy for those following. Enjoy the weekend and keep warm, as Autumn is finally here. I guess this will be your first Winter in Tassie?

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      • I arrived in May last year so this is really my first autumn but my second winter. I’m feeling the cold lately so must have forgotten how cold it was last year! There are plenty of sales on so have picked up extra warm clothing, especially as I heard they are expecting it to be the coldest winter here for a long time!

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  4. Interesting post on lerps and the birds that devour them. Great photos as well! I am so happy to hear you’ve felt ready to write your book, may your thoughts and wisdom flow freely! And don’t forget to continue taking care of your wife’s “Honey Do” list. My husband loves mine! LOL 😉 Have an awesome weekend, Ashley!

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    • Thanks Donna, Yes it is good to finally have time to write and not be under the pressure of the rat race, though I am not sure for how long. Yes, my wife seems to fins a new thing for me each day before she goes to work, but I always enjoy experiencing the satisfaction of having completed something useful around the home be it painting or repairing or creating. Happy Mothers Day Donna! Hope you have an extra special weekend my friend!

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      • Thank you, Ashley! We’re leaving on a 2-day road trip in the morning to handle some things. Keep us in your thoughts that things go well, as it’ll put us closer to getting our life back real soon. 🙂

        I thought of you today several times. 🙂 We had a huge ocean-going sailboat in our creek for work, it was from Australia, kept running up and down here and there, checking something out I suppose, maybe electronics. He was right outside my window, I almost fell trying to get out of my chair to see what it was, lol. I’ll post a photo of it some time soon with some other cool boats that venture in and out of our little creek. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend as well, my friend, and enjoy your wife’s day!

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  5. Hi AB, thanks for this article, as I have just been putting a few images on Flickr of Bell Miners and the discussion of their activities.

    I’m going to include a link to this blog on a Flickr upload tonight.
    Fascinating work, and once again, well done on the Swifys.

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    • Thanks David, I am delighted you are linking the post to your Flickr. I thought it appropriate to discuss Lerps as I found that many new birders are not aware of its importance in the bird world of Australia. I am looking forward to revisiting Mt Annan for another attempt at getting Swifty shots, though just now there are sightings in several areas around Sydney. Enjoy the weekend, and keep warm, I think Autumn has finally arrived.


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