9 comments on “Happy Birday – Birding the Mid-North Coast NSW (Part 1)

  1. What beautiful sightings and captures, Ashley! And a happy belated birthday to you wife, how wonderful you both share the love of birds and nature together. Congratulations on the Painted Button-quail sighting and photos, how awesome to start the Birday Birthday! I left a couple individual photo comments but still wanted to mention the adorable Kookaburra, I always enjoy seeing these birds from your land, they make me smile! Birding on quads, oh yay, what fun! 🙂

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    • Thanks Donna, we had such a wonderful week meeting friends, family and birds, and yes the Kooka’s are always a favorite of ours also, especially when a whole family of them come and visit as they did at my brother’s place while we were away. Quad bikes are not good for birding, they scare them away before you get to them. Have a wonderful weekend ! 🙂


      • Yes, you have to go slow on the quads, but they are a bit noisy. That is why I used my golf cart, remember it? 🙂 I still have it, it’s waiting for some more bird outings if we ever get back to travelling.

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  2. That was such a nice Birday post, Ashley! I’m happy you spotted so many different birds and it is always a treat to see different birds than what we have here, like the Ibis, the Rosellas and the Wedge-tailed Eagle. Chuckled at its tell-tail 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

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    • Thanks Tiny, it is great we can learn about the birds we each share. The Wedgie (as we call them) is a magnificent bird, and to just see one is a treat, as hundreds of thousands were killed in the last 200 years having a bounty on their heads, so they are not as common now, but on the increase again. You also have a most enjoyable week and weekend my friend!


  3. Great gallery of beautiful birds. It’s incredible, every week you find so many new species! I wish I was there. Happy belated Birthday to your wife, Thanks for the post. 😉

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    • Thanks HJ, yes we are truly blessed that we have so many different species of birds in different parts of our country, and there are so many more we have not yet seen, which makes birding here so exciting for us both. My wife thanks you for your birthday greeting. Have an enjoyable weekend with your wife and son, I guess he is learning to appreciate the beauty of birds also.

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  4. Hello Ashley,
    Hope your wife had a very Happy Birthday.
    How wonderful you could view this special bird on her special day. Thank you for sharing your country’s beautiful nature with us.
    (I enjoy reading your “What Birds Teach Us” book very much too)

    Best wishes,

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    • Thanks so much Takami, I appreciate your comments very much. Yes, it was very special to see this bird, it was so unexpected. So delighted you are enjoying my book. Have truly wonderful weekend!

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