6 comments on “A Walk in the Woods – Mulligans Flat Woodlands, Canberra ACT

  1. The picture of the male kangaroo was quite impressive…I would not cross him!! I loved learning about the magpie, amazing the facial recognition is passed on….and you are a friend! My site is continually acting up, so it takes many tries to be able to comment on your posts. I have emailed them. Anyhow, I hope you and your wife are well and that your drout ends soon. God bless!

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    • Thanks Jen, sorry to take so long to reply, we have been away visiting family. I do hope you can fix the problem you are having. I had a similar recently and found I had accidentally sent some of my comments to spam folder in WordPress comments page, and had to remove the spam marking and approve comment to allow them to appear and comment. I found using mobile phone thi can happen as treat as spam is just below comment. Have a great week!

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  2. Wonderful sightings, of course, I love the parrots and rosellas! 🙂 I enjoyed watching the video of the anteater, pretty neat little fella! And how lovely to get a moment with a Rufous Fantail, what a treat for you, Ashley!

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    • Thanks Donna, yes the Echidna is a unique little guy, and so amazing this one is not shy, as normally they are very shy. We felt very blessed to have a home delivery of a Rufous Fantail to herald their appearance briefly for this time of year, Have a great week!

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  3. Happy Anniversary for the other day David, and what a treat to have a Rufous turn up to make your day. We are just starting to see them in the usual places for this time of year after a long absence. I usually get caught out if I do not bring my camera with me, where ever I go. Yes, we all await the breaking of the drought, though it could come as another deluge as Dorothea Mackellar well describes. The cooler mornings and more bearable days are good for birding, its just that there are so few birds this time of year, so the appearance of the Rufous will help elevate that. Certainly Isaiah was right, for Israel has a Mediterranean climate which gets all its rain in a few months of Winter, so they need and catch every drop in huge cisterns. A drought there is devastating as they depend on agriculture to provide much of their income, and they share the Jordan River with Jordan so it is salvation in a form, considering they are making the desert bloom with their amazing technology. Enjoy your weekend my friend!


  4. It is a tough season no doubt at all. The Dorothea Mackellar poem is so very true.
    Great to get a Rufous Fantial, even if under stressful conditions. Dorothy and i were having an anniversary lunch the other day, and one appeared in the garden outside the restaurant—of course the cameras were at home. Going back the following day. No sign. So it was a special moment for our special day.

    Tough on the Red-capped Robins. Our local, and usually dependable site has but a handful at the moment, and they are less than excited about being out and about as they are going through the autumn moult and look scruffy, so I think they have a hint of pride and stay out of sight. 🙂

    Hopefully the weather will become a little kinder, and we can all get some relief from rain.
    I think its the poet Isaiah who equates great rain in season to salavation, a nice thougth for the parched ground.


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