10 comments on “Searching for the Best in the West – Birding Western Sydney

  1. Lovely photos as always Ashley. I have to agree with you about the ducks being scared of humans. I see it often on my walks at the Wetlands. I’m not going anywhere near the ducks in the water, but they all start moving well away from me or fly away from me as soon as I am spotted. Sad for me, but certainly understandable behaviour for the ducks. Cheers from a very hot Tassie. 🙂

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    • Thanks Sue, yes it has been very hot for Tassie, as well as here, even today. I think the ducks have been shot in the past for game, and latest research shows that the memory is passed down to future generations, which may be the case for our rarest and most threatened birds. Keep cool!

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  2. I’m sorry to read you didn’t spot the Robin; but wow what a variety you did sight and capture, Ashley! I enjoyed them all, but I really liked the photos of the Double-barred Finch and Pink-eared Ducks with their unique markings. Wonderful flight shots of many too, awesome Pacific Black Duck shots!

    Hope you’re feeling better and have recovered! I’m down with a head/chest cold myself for a few days now, so I’m still not myself just yet to go out and about, but I still feel well enough to step out on my balcony and watch the ducks and birds, maybe even take a few photos. That in itself is great medicine for me when feeling bad! 🙂 Have a wonderful upcoming weekend, Ashley!

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    • Thanks Donna, will be praying for a fast recovery, and that you get out and about soon. You have had a very cold winter from what the news has said. It has been a slow journey for me of loosing this cough. It is amazing I got this condition on a very hot night, and I seldom ever get sick, but this must have been my time all rolled into one. God’s grace will bring us through it all friend! Enjoy your birds even if it is from your balcony, you get some great shots there. 🙂

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      • Thank you, Ashley for your prayers! It seems everyone is getting this cold around us, our temps have been swinging 20-30 degrees back and forth past month. After being in the 60’s, we are going to plummet to the 30’s tonight and are expecting couple inches of snow tomorrow, then it’ll turn possibly to freezing rain by the afternoon. Yes, we will get thru this with His grace. 🙂

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      • I went to bed after commenting so I didn’t see your comment until this morning. And, so you know, I actually had a good night’s sleep. Even hubby said I didn’t cough off and on all night long, just ‘complained’ I snored a lot. I don’t know what he’s talking about, I don’t snore! But he does! lol 😉


      • Thank you most gracious Father for Donna’s sound sleep, and we pray for full recovery from this cold, in the name of our Lord Jesus. It is a funny thing with many couples over who snores, we have similar conversations. 🙂

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