6 comments on “One Good Tern Deserves Another – Lake Wollumboola

  1. Wonderful post and photos, Ashley! Loved the series of the hungry Crested Tern youngster and parent, finally settling down together to nap, so cute!! Very nice to see the Terns surviving well with the drought, and there is protection for them. Wonderful message on children too, Ashley!

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    • Thanks Donna, yes it is good there are still some areas where birds can feel safe, though these drones are posing a new threat all over the world. The problem we have with wildlife preservation is that there is no real enforcement of the laws so people will try to break them knowing no one will stop them. The media need to report some prosecutions before people will do the right thing.

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  2. Good to see that inspite of the worst efforts of humans these little dudes aer doing their best to keep the species growing.
    I really enjoy watching the antics of the parents as they deal with the young ones.


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