4 comments on “After the Deluge – Where Are The Birds?

  1. Thank you for sharing an update after the severe storm, Ashley. To sit as you did and not hear all the birds must have felt a bit heart-wrenching. It is nice to see the blooms look lovely and inviting. Hopefully, those that were able to leave before the storm will return to find the bevy of food awaiting them.

    Wonderful photos of those that are still thriving the area as well! I was most intrigued with your Green Catbird and Satin Bowerbird captures, both are very stunning birds.

    Great message on life’s storms, Ashley. We all have them, it’s how we handle them. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful week as well, my friend!

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    • Thanks Donna, Australia is known as the land of droughts and flooding rain, we get one or the other. We have moved back to drought again and everything is dry again. The birds are not breeding in great numbers this year again, and of those that have, many have been injured or abandoned nest due to storm. It was surprising to find such shy rainforest birds out in the open in the gardens. Have a wonderful week!

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  2. Hello AB,
    It is a most interesting season, we’ve been finding. Our local wagtails would normally be on their second clutch by now, but are still working on the first. No real reason.
    We normally get large numbers of Dusky Woodswallows in one park we regularly visit, but this year the numbers are quite small, although they have been successful.
    Well done seeing and photographing the Bassian Thrush, not one I have ever been successful with.
    Thanks for your tireless work through the year and may the upcoming festive season be a delight and joy for you and yours.

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    • Thanks David, and thanks for your support and encouraging comments through the year, I have enjoyed your posts and what you have shared. We are planning a road trip to Victoria in the new year hoping to see some of your birds and visit Werribee on the way. Yes the Bassian is an elusive creature usually seen in the dark of the rainforest making t difficult to get a good pic. The good thing is that they freeze when spotted as part of their survival technique blending in with the surrounding environment, thinking you can not see them. I do have good pics of them in the daylight but many blurred and dark ones taken in the deep dark forest. May you and your family also have a wonderful festive season and enjoy the holiday.


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