14 comments on “Khappinghat Nature Reserve – Birds of Diamond Beach

  1. First! A belated Happy Birthday to you, Ashley! I’m so happy to hear you and your wife adventured that weekend to the beach (you know I love water!). And with a nature reserve full of birds that close-by, AND family (let’s not forget!), it all made for a perfect birthday weekend. 😊 I know you enjoyed it!

    Beautiful captures of an awesome variety of birds, I also enjoyed the audios and videos. Whales to boot, amazing, including that horizontal shot, WOW! And a shout-out to the roos/wallabys (i’m probably wrong on both, ha) at the end, adorable shot.

    I find your blog wonderful, Ashley, so I cannot suggest any changes! I’ve done a few here and there on mine (trying to shorten my posts, started the sunset series, and occasionally doing non-bird photos), but I’m happiest with showcasing birds. I have seen dips in mine recently too, and I attributed it to people having no time because of preparing for upcoming travel and shopping, us with our U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, and it’ll probably continue through Christmas. Our going out of town this past long weekend has me behind, I’m still trying to catch up, lol.

    Whatever you’re plan is for your blog, change or no change, but definitely showcase your new book, I’m all in! 🙂 Have a wonderful week, Ashley!

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    • Thanks so much Donna for your most encouraging comments, they are greatly appreciated, it is a busy time of year for many, I have taken some tips from your sharing, thanks so much dear friend. 🙂

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