11 comments on “The Return of the Rare Regent – Wollongong Botanic Gardens

  1. Fabulous photos of the Regent Honeyeater, I am so happy he was there for you and your wife to see. How wonderful the conservation efforts being put forth to save this bird too! The photos of him and the other birds are extra-beautiful with the red flowers and berries and all the other splashes of colors. That last photo of the Rainbow Lorikeet feeding WOW’d me! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, Ashley!

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  2. Thanks for an informative post about this bird Ashley, your photos show off this splendid bird and it was interesting to read about why they are so endangered. Such a sad plight for a beautiful bird. I hope we can rescue them and they don’t disappear forever.

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    • Thanks Sue, yes we do hope they save them before it is too late. At present it is not looking good for the bird and the conservation attempts may be too late, as this male has no mate, and many others are so scattered they also may be in the same situation.

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  4. Always worth getting out of bed for some great news.
    It is indeed special when a long missed favourite returns.
    Such a lovely bird, and you’ve done it great justice with the journey through the story and photos.
    Pleasing indeed

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    • Thanks David, it was an exciting find for us both and more so for my wife. It is a great privilege to view such a rare unbanded bird, we were blessed, though it was a challenge to get good pics.


    • Thanks Myra, it was a wonderful blessing for us both to get this opportunity for such a rarely seen bird, which may become extinct in the wild in the near future. We pray it finds a mate and breeds.


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