12 comments on “Birding ‘Round The Rock – Birds of Uluru (Part 1)

  1. What a sweet story about you and your wife’s first holiday together. 🙂 I always learn so much about your country reading your blog. I never knew about the dessert oak tree, but rembember teaching my kids about Ayers Rock so enjoyed seeing that here and learning more about it. Glad to know the one bird was not being “nagged at by his lady,” lol!! Great post as always! A blessed week to you and your wife. 🙂

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    • It was lovely to retrace our steps and how we were on our first visit there together. We realise that winter is the best time to visit the desert not spring, that is why it is cheaper in spring, the weather is unpredictable. Have a wonderful week Jen!

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  2. What an interesting and unique place to go birding! The Uluru and the bright red soil were amazing to see! And such a beautiful gallery of birds too. Loved to see the Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater, in particular. I wish you a wonderful rest of the week.

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    • Thanks Tiny, yes the bright red pindan dust is the only soil colour you can see for miles, it contrasts well with vegetation and sky. The spinys have such an amazing call in the mornings, it was quite lyrical. Enjoy the rest of your week also my friend!


  3. Great photos of a lovely part of Australia that I would like to visit one day. The white plumed honeyeater is quite a cute looking bird and the spiny cheeked honeyeater does indeed have striking blue eyes. Have a great week!

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    • Thanks Myra, so glad my posts help to educate about our amazing birds which are quite different in many ways to birds in other parts of the world. Much research is being done on our birds at present and it has been very interesting studying it.


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