13 comments on “Birdwatcher, Birder or Twitcher, which are You?

  1. This was a great post as always! I think my husband & I have become birders, but for a while (because of our corporate jobs, the high pace of modern society, etc) there were times when we had “twitcher” tendencies. Not just with birdwatching, but all areas of life. So it’s important to self-check and analyze on a regular basis, I think 🙂

    “The Big Year” we will look forward to watching soon. (It was also released in Japan a few years ago — we didn’t realise)

    Best wishes to you and your family,
    Takami 🙂

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    • Thanks Takami for your welcome comment, we are always keeping ourselves in check as it is easy to get addicted by some thing we love to do. Thanks for your honest assessment, so glad to read that you and your husband are both into birding together, that makes it so much more a family activity that you can share and enjoy together as my wife and I also do. Have a great week and enjoy the birds! 😉

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  2. Great write up Ashley. Someone else also mentioned that movie The Big Year to me as well, so I will endeavour to find it and watch it. I realised recently that I was very involved in my bird friends lives back in Queensland, probably due to the situation I was in at the time and that they distracted me from some difficult times, but now I’m finding that my stress levels are much lower these days and it’s always a lovely surprise to see a bird perched around my house or to see birds fly overhead. It shows that I can still enjoy the local birdlife even if I’m not friends with them. 🙂

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    • Thanks Sue, its great that you are feeling less stressed, and the Tassie environment will help also, its a place i would love to live also but my wife does not like the cold and to be too far from her children. So glad you are healing there and being restored, the birds help us do that. Many a birder lives a stressful academic life, many are professionals who find great therapeutic diversion and recreation spending time alone in the bush with the birds. I have several followers including myself and my wife who fit that criteria. You may be developing a birding passion, Tassie has some unique species also. The largest Australian honeyeater is the Yellow Wattlebird which is only found there. Have a great week and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Tassie life Sue:-)

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  3. For those that need to ‘check in’ on their birding level, your post is spot-on in explaining, Ashley! I’m a birder, as you know, but I think I may have temporarily ‘crossed over’ to twitcher this summer with my Bella & Beau series, not wanting to ‘miss’ anything to record and share. He hasn’t said, but I know my husband is glad their season is over, although he did get quite involved at times with helping to watch when things got exciting. I am happier and less-stressed as a birder for sure!! 🙂

    But I did love and enjoy the season of Bella and Beau for a spell!! 😉

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    • Thanks Donna, the honesty of self assessment is an important tool of knowing we are doing well and keeping a healthy check. Yes likewise my wife, who is a birder also, checks me when I start becoming obsessed. The Bella & Beau season is thankfully just that a season so yes it was demanding, but thankfully you are now free of that and returned to normal again. We all have times when we have exciting birding experiences or seasons that last for a short time and during those times the excitement and stress to catch all the action we can, the adrenaline rush, thankfully only endures for the time. Sometimes on our birding travels we both enter this for short times. So glad your hubby helps you and supports you, so many birders share how they wish their partners enjoyed birding as much as mine, as something we love to do together. Have a wonderful week Donna and restful weekend.

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  4. Great summation of the entire range of ‘species’.
    I’m a photographer who’s current obseesion is with things bird. To that end, I’d guess Birder fits me the best.
    Not noted for driving to see the unusual or the sometimes impossible, I’m at much in love with the Spotted Doves that frequent our backyard as with scouring paddocks and forests for some elusive bird.
    Sometimes I think I go more for the chance to sit and enjoy the company of the birds and a cuppa in the bush.

    i did watch the Big Year, and have to say I was more saddened than amused. But then the human condition sometimes does that to me. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, always a pleasure to read your insights.

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    • Thanks David, like yourself I am more a photographer, if I have not a photo of the bird I can not say I have seen it. We are both birders in that we have a delight and excitement in finding birds, but our obsession is not in an unhealthy place. You said it well when you share how you sit and enjoy a beverage with the birds in their habitat. I agree this is one of the best experiences we can have as birders on occasions. We watched the movie again last night for the sake of a friend who did not know what a twitcher was and she was amazed that people got so into birds, and as you rightly said it sad that people have such selfish behaviour as it becomes less about the birds and more about them trying to prove to themselves and others that they are great hunters. Have a wonderful week in the office!


  5. Dear Ashley, thank you for the definitions and comparisons. I would definitely cross over into being a birder if I had the means. Still, I thank God for the bird surprises that come my way. Today the pied fantails were creating quite a racket in the neighbor’s guava tree, I spied a zebra dove on the neighbor’s roof, and pointed out a brown shrike in the tree behind our house to my daughters. Typhoon Ompong is on it’s way outside the Philippine area of responsibility. Thankful that the birds around me are alive and well.

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    • Thanks Myra, How lovely you got to share birds with your daughters, I love doing that with my grandies also. I have heard of the typhoon coming your way and pray it will not cause too much damage, and that you and the family will be safe. Enjoy the weekend!


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