2 comments on “I Know Its Spring When The Whistlers Sing

  1. HI AB, yep, its a good sign isn’t it. Some of our birds have settled in quite early. The local street Magpie has tidied up last year’s nest and is already sitting on eggs.
    Fine shots of the Golden Whistler and good to see the Swans on the job so early.
    Look forward to following events.

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    • Thanks David, It is an early Spring as the Winter has been so mild here. Though numbers are down breeding, those that are are making an early start which is good, just need some rain for fresh water and tree blossom to give birds what they need.The Black Swan is one bird that has truly multiplied all over Australia both on the mainland and surrounding islands, it is doing very well for itself, I seem to see it everywhere I go now. Look out for the maggie though, hope you are on good terms with the family. Have a wonderful week!


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