10 comments on “Birding in Tropical Queensland – Rainforest Birds (Part 5)

  1. What a bevy of birds you continue to share from you and your wife’s adventure, very impressive, Ashley, and congrats on the additional lifers! I’m amazed by those large, thick legs and feet of the Southern Cassowary, quite impressive and scary. I love the beauty of the Plumed Whistling Ducks, gorgeous! I appreciate your videos and voice recordings, they really bring your birds to life for me, thank you for including them in your posts. I even enjoyed hearing your voice this time! 😉 Another wonderful post, I wish I could tag along with you both in person to witness Australia’s beautiful birds. To spend the night in a rainforest with all the sights and sounds would be awesome too. Happy week, Ashley!

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    • Thanks Donna, so glad the added touch of video increases your appreciation of our birds. If you are ever in Aus we could certainly go out birding ’round Sydney with my wife and I. The biggest problem with rainforest photography is the darkness and lack of light. I have much footage of the birds but has much noise due to the lack of light, even during the daytime, it is one of the places you have to use flash, much to my dislike, to get decent photos. Enjoy your weekend!


  2. I’m starting to see it takes quite a bit of bravery to live in Australia…I thought all you had to be wary of were crocs and poisonous snakes….now birds! I was amazed watching the video of the man with the bird, so i’m glad you followed up with a story on him, and i agree whole heartedly on the discipline issue. My favorite bird was the whistling duck, so pretty. Blessings to you and your wife!

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    • Thanks Jen, Australia has the four most deadly snakes in the world, people eating salt water crocodiles, several deadly spiders, deadly birds and sea creatures, it does scare a lot of tourists when they come here, but like we Aussies say, they won’t hurt you if you keep out of their way and use wisdom to take precautions when in their territory. It is mainly dogs, children and tourists that are affected because they do not obey signs and take precautions. Yes we love the whistlers also, but they are so noisy when you have a hundred or more whistling at the same time. Have a blessed week also Jen, you and your family.

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    • Thanks Tiny, yes the Cassowary is a scary bird when they come close to you, as you do not know how they will react. A niece of my wife was chased by one to the door of her house once when it almost attacked her. She tried freezing at first and raised her hands above her head to make her taller, but it threatened the bird and she ran as it chased her and almost reached her by inches as it kicked against the door. Have a wonderful week Tiny. I guess you are home again from your wonderful time away.


  3. Wow, what a giant extraordinary bird! My husband & I enjoyed this post, marveling at the hand of God. Thank you brother, for once again showcasing a glimpse of God’s glorious creation!

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