15 comments on “Birding in Tropical Queensland – Coastal Wetlands (Part 1)

  1. Beautiful as always, and I love your attitude in that you and your wife ask God what He wants to show you, instead of getting upset by not seeing what you had in mind. I love the little bird with the red on his head especially. God bless you both in the upcoming week. I will be ordering your book this week, my card was hacked so put a freeze on it, but will now be able to. 🙂


  2. Wonderful post! God is always willing to teach and share. You just have to look and listen. He greatly blessed you! Love the Raptors. You rarely show those in your posts. Have a great time birding!

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    • Thanks Kelly, Yes we were greatly blessed despite the rain, and true I seldom show raptors as we do not see them as often where we live in Sydney. Funny enough, yesterday morning after breakfast in the national park nearby we filmed an immature White-bellied Sea-Eagle soaring above. We only noticed it because we heard all the cockatoos go crazy and fly off, which always clues us to look up. Enjoy your week. I am starting to plan my new birding guide work.


  3. Love the brolgas Ashley, their dance is beautiful to watch, something I would love to see in person one day. Great pics of the raptors too. Looking forward to more of your trip to northern Queensland. Have a great weekend!

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    • Thanks Sue, yes to see Brolga dance is one of life’s most beautiful vistas. Have an enjoyable week and keep warm. I guess you are bust preparing for your move, there is a lot to be done and it is a long distance to move to, I do hope it all goes well for you, and that you settle well there and find a new circle of friends there.


  4. Lovely that you had such a great break from Sydney’s winter! here you presented many birds I have never seen before, wonderful pictures and videos. Thank you and I wish you a beautiful weekend…greetings from Stockholm where I am enjoying hot summer days.

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    • Thanks Tiny, So glad you are enjoying the warm weather in Sweden with family. It is a beautiful country as you have shown in previous posts. I guess you go swimming there, not sure if they have surf beaches like here. We do have quite different birds to much of the northern world and over seventy species of honeyeaters alone. It is always a great treat to see new birds in other parts of our country. Each time we revisit we see and learn more. I have so enjoyed my first week of part time work and will be negotiating this week a plan for starting the bird guide tours. Enjoy the your hot summer days my friend and soak in the peace and tranquility of your time away.

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  5. You should have looked up Ian Montgomery, who lives in Townsville. He is the one who did the series- Bird of the Week here on my blog. He has been mighty quiet lately and hope he is okay.
    Great photos and videos as usual. Always enjoy your trips and tales.


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