12 comments on “Birding’s Beautiful Bird Bonuses – The Rose Robin

  1. What a beautiful Robin, Ashley, and a wonderful sighting! Enjoy your holiday, I hope it is refreshing for you and your wife!

    Anyone reading this, I purchased Ashley’s book, What birds teach us”, and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with my grandchildren. If you love and enjoy birds, you will love having this book to share with children of all ages!

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    • Thanks so much Donna, and for your encouraging message about my book. It is much warmer where we are at present in the tropics and already seeing beautiful lifers. Have a wonderful week 😊

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    • Thanks Tiny. My eldest son made the video as this is his line of work, though television to be more accurate. He said I needed a more professional approach to the National Parks clients. Have a great week and keep cool. We are in the tropics getting warm again as our winter has been very cold recently.


    • Thanks Sue, we are so looking forward to it, but hoping it won’t be wet. These little robins are quite stunning in their rose red breast, in fact they are more a ‘red red robin’ than the English one. The only reason the English robin is called red is that at the time they named it there was no colour orange as oranges did not come to England till much later when the British Empire ships conquered the world and visited China and India where Oranges were first grown. Have a great weekend!

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