12 comments on “Showcasing Australia’s Most Common Shorebird – The Silver Gull

  1. I have spent my life surrounded by seagulls, but have never seen their nest or the fledglings, thank you so much for those pictures! And I love the young following it’s parent, what a great shot! Have a beautiful week!!

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    • Thanks Jen, it is a great delight as a birder to have the full life history from egg to adult. It is not always possible but the gulls made it easy. We seldom see the newborn chicks. Have a most enjoyable week 😊

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  2. Beautiful and informative post, Ashley! I loved the pictures of the babies, and seeing how this gull develops as a juvenile. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

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  3. Hi Ashley, a very interesting post about one of our common birds. I have never seen seagull chicks or knew anything about their nests, so I was quite interested seeing your photos. Some really nice shots of the chick with its parent and also of them flying off together. Well captured!

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    • Thanks Sue, yes I thought it time to honour some of our common birds and I hope to showcase some others along the way. It was a great treat for us to see the nestlings way out on the jetty on a small section of the old original jetty that was kept for historical reasons. It was on this unused part that these birds found safe nesting in the ruts of the rotted hardwood. Have a great weekend, it has been cold and wet here finally.

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  4. Wonderful captures showing their stages of life. I don’t think I’ve ever seen gull chicks, how cute! And the shot of the juvenile flying directly behind the parent is lovely and came with a great message. A great post as always, Ashley! Have a great weekend!

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  5. Great series, and thanks for the journey through their life stages. It is really awesome to have been able to gather such a range of shots, and on the spot observations of what are some very fascinating birds. They each have a interesting personality, and if they were rare, we would study them in much more detail I think.

    Keep up the good work.

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    • Thanks David, it is good when you can complete the life story in pictures for a bird, it is not often we get the opportunity. Glad you enjoyed it. Have an enjoyable long weekend 😊


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