17 comments on “Adventures in Paradise – Exploring Norfolk Island

  1. Hi Ashley, sorry to hear of your loss of a furry family member. I’m sure Bella had a wonderful life with you and your family. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos of the lovely endemic birds of Norfolk Island, it’s another place on my list to visit one day.

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    • Thanks Sue, yes it is an amazing place to visit, a step back in time, as nothing has changed much since 1976 when I was there last. A very restful place and no snakes or poisonous spiders. Have a great weekend, and hopefully cooler weather.

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  2. I loved all the beautiful pictures and videos…my cat liked the bird calls as well as she is sitting next to me as I played them! I’m so glad you and your wife were able to go to such a beautiful place for rest and relaxation. I am sorry for your loss of your precious friend Bella….dogs are so special, i always say they are like “hairy angels” God created special for humans. My prayers are with you as you grieve her loss. My dear old girl is old as well and unfortunately has gotten some bad diagnoses lately, I pray I am able to hold her and be with her when her turn comes also…that is such a blessing.

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  3. That was a great adventure you both had! So many beautiful endemic species on this island, and you got so many beautiful pictures and videos too. A treat – thank you my friend!

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    • Thanks Tiny, so glad you enjoyed our special time way, we were so blessed in every way, and very thankful for weather, the rest we enjoyed, the rainforest walks, friends we made and birds we saw, especially the sea bird babies I hope to will show nest week. Enjoy your week, so exciting your Osprey family is about to grow again. Have an enjoyable week dear friend!


    • Thanks Kelly, it was a beautiful place to rest and enjoy the beautiful natural surrounds, the weather was great and it was nesting time for many sea birds on the island. Have a great weekend!


  4. Oh Ashley, I am so sorry for you and your wife’s loss of your precious Bella. May our Lord give you peace and love during this difficult time.

    On a lighter note, how fascinating that you both were able to find and photograph seven endemic species on Norfolk Island. Great work and fantastic photos! I love tagging along through your posts on your adventures around Australia! When you score, I score! 🙂

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    • Thanks Donna for your compassionate response, it has been different this morning without little Bella, we still occasionally have moments where we think we see her. We are adjusting to the new era. Yes, we were delighted to see the existing endemics, several others had become extinct in the last 100 years. We have still more beautiful bird experiences to share from this trip. Have a wonderful weekend Donna!

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