8 comments on “Rainforest Artisans – The Bowerbird

  1. What a marvelous artisan this bird is! An example of the Creator’s creativeness 🙂 Loved your story and footage. The flight shots of the male were beautiful!

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    • Thanks Tiny, this bird is so stunning to see flying in the bright sunlight, and to see so many in one place is like ‘bird heaven’. Yes our Great Creative Artisan certainly is wondrous in all of his ways, including his intelligent design.

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  2. The male satin bowerbird is quite a stunning looker. And so is the regent bowerbird. What an amazing experience to be able to have them land on you. Definitely the place to visit for an incredible experience with the local wildlife. Thanks for sharing Ashley, and have a great weekend.

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    • Thanks so much Kelly, you would be in bird heaven there, it is such a unique opportunity to get close to the birds and other wildlife which I will be featuring in the coming weeks. Have a great weekend!


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