13 comments on “Exploring the Deep Dark Rainforest – Birds Rarely Seen

  1. I appreciate seeing these four rare birds, not only in photos, but videos as well! Congratulations, Ashley, on the Paradise Riflebird as a lifer! What an interesting beauty!

    I would thoroughly enjoy visiting a ‘real’ rain forest. There is a man-made created rain forest at the Baltimore Zoo, Maryland, and I just love going through it. The sounds, smells, and moisture-laden air are awesome. 🙂

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    • Yes Donna, rainforests are very special stress relieving places. I love walking through them in the rain, the bird sounds, the scents, the beautiful ancient trees, the fungi, the unusual trees and undergrowth, the epiphytes etc But it is not an easy place to see or photograph birds due to the darkness and tallness of trees. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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    • Thanks IamSafari, The Superb male is beautiful in tail plumage, but is not found with the Alberts Lyrebird. I put it ther as a comparison, we see the Superb here in the forests around Sydney and Melbourne. It is a treat to see them calling and danciy to their own beat. When they spread their tail over their head. Enjoy your week.

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  2. What a great video of the lyrebird calling, so lovely to hear and even the bird mimicry. And how cute are those little logrunners! What gorgeous little birds they are. 🙂

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