11 comments on “Ash Island Wetlands – Salt Marsh Muddling

  1. It was certainly a pleasure to catch up with your posts, Ashley, to see again the beautiful birds God bestows in your country. Your words were also inspiring, and I especially take heed to this post’s scripture, Joshua 1:9, exactly what I am trying to work on and follow. Have a wonderful week, my friend!

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  2. I had missed your wonderful post after looking for it on Wednesday 🙂 beautiful video and pictures, loved the young Avocet picture and the Superb Fairy-wren, in particular. It was nice to see Ospreys too…and the little brave one chasing the raptor. I wish you and yours a wonderful week.

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    • Thanks so much Tiny, sorry to take so long to reply as we have been away birding in the mountains near the border and I could not log into my mail. We saw a few more lifers which I will present in future posts. I pray you are recovering, and adjusting to life as it is now for you dear friend. Enjoy your weekend!

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  3. Hi AB,
    We’ve been a bit bereft of Avocets of late, did find a small flock at the treatment plant the other night. How lovely to see the young one looking so good.

    Superly impressed with your find of the Osprey. Our local visiting female seems to have settled on several feeding and roosting areas. She is along way from their normal range, so I guess the fishing must be good.
    Hope you can keep us uptodate on their nesting.
    We are having the same problem with the weather. Fine to go out and look, but lack of light for photos keeps us a bit house bound.

    Thanks for sharing.


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    • Thanks David, these Osprey are in area we seldom visit, so we may not be able to track their nesting. We have just returned from a time in the Lamington NP which I will be posting more of soon. The weather here has now changed and become unseasonably hot and the humidity just kicked in big time. Birds are being sighted from down your way to out west, here in Sydney, some have not been seen here before, as they escape the climate changes, or at least extreme weather.


  4. Lovely photos as always Ashley. I enjoyed the video and watching the avocets at work on the mudflats. And nice spotting of the osprey nest too, although it’s so big you surely could not have missed it!

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    • Thanks Sue, we had hoped to see more but the drought had dropped bird numbers there, though we have finally had decent rain all day today and possibly tomorrow. More rain today than the last few months. It is always a plus to spot an Osprey next usually on electricity poles, as they do.

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