14 comments on “The Wonders of Walka Waterworks Reserve – Part 1

  1. This looks like a great place to visit Ashley. Great shots of the welcome swallow, they are so hard to see properly when they’re darting through the air as they do so it’s nice to see them resting and get a good look at them. And I love that scarlet honeyeater, what a beauty!


  2. Hi AB, looks like a wonderful spot both for birds and photography. the Scarlet Honeyeater is a real treat as we don’t get them close to home. And I am just a teeny bit jealous of the sunshine you’ve enjoyed as we’ve been grey and dreary for so long the past few weeks.


    • Thanks David, Yes we have had drought weather and warmer than normal days for this time of year, though rain has just arrived for the first time in many months. This was a perfect birding day. I hope things fine up for you soon, as it is no fun photographing in dark defused light, it dulls the colours and detail as you well know.


  3. Wow! I am especially fond of the Scarlet Honeyeater. That concentrated look of the Thornbill tickled me. Another great report. Thanks again for sharing your adventures.


    • Thanks Lee, Yes the Scarlet Honeyeater is a challenge to photograph in focus, and even to see it, as it tends to feed on red flowers, which is a great camouflage. The birds at times, have almost human looks expressing their feelings.

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    • Thanks Tiny, yes it was a great place for two of my children and my grandies to meet. They enjoyed a little train ride around the lake as well. It is difficult for me to get them all together in one place and we were so glad it worked on this day and the weather was so perfect. Have a great week!

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  4. Wonderful post! Sounds like a wonderful spring birding day. Great shots! Especially that wonderful male fairy wren. Oh how I wish I could have been there to see and hear them! Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks Kathie, they are so brilliant red, you can see them from quite a distance, except when they are feeding from red flowers, they are almost impossible to see, and they do tend to feed from red flowers most.


    • Thanks iAM, yes it was more than we were expecting, just so many birds everywhere. The drought has brought them to the water and the nectar. The wrens are always a challenge to photograph as they bounce around, it is a delight to get an occasional good shot.


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