5 comments on “Waiting for Our Winter Migrants

  1. Lovely photos Ashley. Yes, it is a bit worrying about all this dry weather we’ve been having, I feel bad for the birds and animals. I’ve been leaving more dishes of water out for them all but have to keep topping them up all the time as we’ve hardly had a drop a rain all month. Hopefully we’ll all get some decent rain so the wildlife can return to their usual homes. In the meantime, it’s great to observe the newcomers. 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos of a wonderful variety. Season changes can be a thrill for birders everywhere. I really love your stilt photo – so sharp and those pink legs stand out beautifully!

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    • Thanks Kelly yes the seasons are changing and summer birds are appearing for us and also because of our current drought, birds are appearing on the coast which have not been seen here because they have flown over the ranges in search of water and food.


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