7 comments on “A Birder’s Paradise – Lord Howe Island NSW

  1. Hi Ashley, I was amazed to see this post because only a few weeks ago I was discussing with a friend how I’d love to go to Lord Howe Island and see all these incredible birds and enjoy some time away from the rat race. I’ve been researching what wildlife there is on the island and tours you can do and I’m hoping to go next year. Any tips you can pass on as to when the best time to visit there would be appreciated. 🙂


    • Thanks Sue, you will love LHI, a great place to relax and walk. Swimming with turtles and snorkelling the coral and fish. Now is a good time to go as the shearwater are back breaking on the island and it is great seeing them return at dusk. Many birds are nesting t present and next few weeks. Summer would be ok too.

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    • Thanks Lee, it really is an adventure exploring this island, how so much can exist on this relatively small island. It is an added bonus to capture bird calls and footage of peculiar bird activity. Thanks again for your welcome comment.

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