6 comments on “Wetlands in the Heart of the City – Sydney Park Wetlands

  1. Beautiful photos of the swan family Ashley. Such a shame they only have one cygnet left. I’m sure the parents will be extra vigilant caring for it. I had no idea that the eurasian coots could be aggressive towards them, or that they had become like the noisy miners. This explains why there are so many coots at the lake here at Pacific Pines and perhaps they cause trouble for the swans there too.

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    • Thanks Sue, Maybe I have exaggerated the Eurasion Coot somewhat as they can be quite stroppy among their own and on occasions toward other birds, it interested me how more carefully the swan parents guarded the cygnet when they came near the coots. Have a great week.

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  2. Very nice pic of that baby swan! And getting pics of a rail is awesome. They are rare to see out in the open.
    You are definitely well into spring there…I’m so envious. As much as I love fall, I hate the cold and snow ahead.
    That’s so wonderful to hear Sydney has a lot of open space kept natural for the wildlife. It’s wonderful to get out close to home and see such beautiful sights.

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    • Thanks Kelly, yes I guess it gets quite cold there in winter and it offers a challenge to both bird and birder alike. I was only reading in Lee’s birding blog (leesbird.com) a few days ago about your American Bitterns, similar to us, they are everywhere but yet we never see them, she compared it to God’s omnipresence. This year has been my aim to see at least a bittern, crake or snipe. Have a great week.


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