6 comments on “Birding Highlights of a Busy Non-Birding Weekend

  1. Even on a ‘non-birding’ weekend, you found several interesting birds. Very nice pictures and videos. Thank you for your warm thoughts and continued prayers.

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  2. Those ibis are gorgeous! Much more colorful than our ibis here in the states. Love the video of the bathing birds. They were having a blast! Made me smile. I can’t believe you didn’t have your camera. I figured it was permanently attached to one hand like mine is LOL! But as always my favorite is the beautiful fairy wren. I love wrens and I hope one day to see one of these birds. You’re very blessed to live in a place that has such colorful wildlife and that you and your family can go out together to experience nature’s beauty.

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    • Thanks so much Kelly for your encouraging comment. Yes, you are correct, there is seldom a time when I am not toting my camera. Funny though, whenever I choose not to bring it something worth capturing shows up. I am enjoying your Rockie Mountains journey, your pics are so beautiful. The fairy wrens are such special little birds, that is why they feature on the cover of my book. Have a great week.


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