5 comments on “Birding at Birderee – Booderee NP, Jervis Bay

  1. So many beautiful captures, Ashley! I had a good laugh at the angry Masked Lapwing, my goodness! I’ve missed your posts…..still working on my recovery. I cannot wait to get back out to hiking and birding!!


  2. Wow, plenty of great photos in this post Ashley. Very funny pic of the terns looking at the sand, even their appearance is amusing! And that is one angry masked lapwing, great capture of the spurs. It was such a shame to read about more destruction of native animal habitat. Why can’t the government understand that once something is gone, it’s gone forever? History keeps on repeating itself.

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    • Thanks Sue, yes it has been frustrating for conservationists with our current state government and how the law is being manipulated in favour of developers at the cost of our wildlife. The angry lapwing photo has to be one of my best pics, it has such character.

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