5 comments on “Walking in Wild Windy Winter Weather – Birding in the Southern Highlands

  1. It’s always great discovering a new place to spot birds and animals. Shame about the weather on that day, but now you’ll be able to visit again in better conditions and see what you find there. I’ve never heard of the brown gerygone before, it looks really cute and sounds lovely. I enjoyed the video of the lyrebird scratching about, I think it’s always nice to see wildlife going about their daily activities.

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    • Thanks Sue,
      We did not see many birds, but it was just lovely having time together exploring new birding places and visiting old ones. It is always a plus when a male lyrebird appears in our day, especially when his tail catches the sunlight.

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  2. It’s nice you didn’t let the forecast discourage your outing. Even with windy weather you had many lovely sightings. I really love that one pic of the robin. Such a sweet little round bird.

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    • Thanks Kelly, I did not realize I had published this post prematurely till this morning. Whats done is done, there are only minor additions. Yes the robin is a sweet favourite of my wife also as it matches her name. These birds as these ones did, will follow you along the track just in front of you, quite close. They are quite curious.


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