6 comments on “River Raptor Roundup – Birding on the Clarence River NSW

  1. I really enjoyed your raptor captures, Ashley! Being one of my top five favorite birds, I just loved seeing your Osprey photos! Your photo of the White-bellied Sea Eagle with his/her tail backlit is gorgeous! And great aggression action shots, well done! 🙂

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    • Thanks Donna, it is such a buzz to get the opportunity
      To capture clear raptor shots in full sun without the
      Silhouette effect caused by the diffused light of clouds.

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  2. Really enjoyed your amazing photos of the raptors Ashley, they are all magnificent birds. I’ve also found that by observing the behaviour of birds around you, they can give you warnings of other birds approaching, or even other predator animals. Sudden noise and flight from the local birds here have allowed me to glimpse and photograph rare visitors to my place and even warned me about snakes and goannas entering the property so I can protect my chooks. I like to think the birds are helping me as a thank you for providing them with a safe place to hang out. 🙂

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    • Thanks Sue, it is always a treat to get great shots on a blue sky day.
      The river gave many good opportunities. It is interesting how you
      Can use the. It’d behaviours as a warning signal for various creatures.


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