6 comments on “Birds Around the Town of Broome, WA – Part 3

  1. What a great gallery of beautiful birds, all of them! I really like your wonderful Bird of the Week, the Red-headed Honeyeater. And was surprised to see yet another sub-species of the Ibis! Enjoyed this post!


    • Thanks Tiny, yes the Red-headed Honeyeater is a real stunner. When we saw it for the first time it roused quite a bit of excitement, and then to see the female with it was a double bonus. It really was a gift to have them stick around for a photo shoot as these birds are so difficult to get to stay still. Thanks again my friend for your welcome comments:-)


  2. Marvellous photos as always Ashley. I was especially interested in seeing the red winged parrot and red headed honeyeater as I had never heard of them before. Striking looking birds. And beautiful sunset photos too.


    • Thanks Sue, it is a real treat to see birds we don’t ever see in our home location. It is such a delightful surprise when you see these strikingly beautiful birds fly past you for the first time. We were so blessed that Red-headed Honeyeaters stayed still long enough for me to photograph as they are always moving and rather shy. The parrots were also very shy, and I had many blurred images as a result. Thanks again for your appreciative comments:-)

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